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Update from our Conservation Chair
August 21, 2001

The 20's/30's Section is trying to direct increased attention on environmental issues, from the simplest of things to more involved participation. Starting with the basics, our overnight camping trips are now equipped with portable recycling bins. Our Section is now working with the Angeles Chapter to develop bimonthly campaigns to promote the environment. The campaigns involve things like distributing petitions or flyers with postcards, at our events so that participants can let affected agencies and politicians hear our input on compelling environmental issues of the day. In addition, our Section is now trying to have more events that involve the environment, and joining forces with other interested agencies to do so. On August 18th there was a Beach Clean-up Day, jointly organized by Heal The Bay and our Section. On August 25th we are inviting members to support open space and preservation of wildlife by attending a hearing on the future of Ahmanson Ranch in the Santa Monica mountains. We are also once again seeking to participate with Heal the Bay on September 15th for "Coastal Clean-up Day". Other environmental activities such as preservation of the L.A. River and trail maintenance are being explored. Your help and ideas are more than welcome.
Contact Conservation Chair David Marsh at 323-957-1951.

Earth Day 2001


Learn about and participate in the various Earthday events happening around LA. These events are not sponsored by the Sierra Club or by the 20s and 30s section.


Recreation Fee-Demo Action Alert by Carol Tucker, Conservation Chair
Gas Out Days by Connie Armstrong, Member
Restoration of Hetch Hetchy Valley Adapted from HHRTF bulletin
Soost on Seuss by Elaine Soost, Former Conservation Chair

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US Recycling

The U.S. recycles less than 10% of its trash while some European countries recycle as much as 60%. (Source - 30 Simple Energy Things You Can Do To Save the Earth, DWP).

We are currently losing species to extinction at the rate of one species every 12 hours. Soon we'll lose one species every hour. Almost two-thirds of all large mammal species are threatened or endangered in the lower 48 states.

2-Stroke Engines

The air pollution emitted by a 2-stroke engine jet ski during 2 hours of use is equivalent to that emitted by a new model passenger vehicle after 130,000 miles.

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Related Links

Note: All links marked with a ">" bullet will take you off-site. 20s & 30s simply adds these links for the purpose of providing information. It takes no responsibility for the accuracy of off-site information. And its decision to add these links does not constitute endorsement for the organizations which run those sites nor for any positions they hold.
> AC Conservation Activities This page lists many of the urgent local conservation issues in which the Angeles Chapter (AC) is involved.
> American Rivers This site deals with the issue of protecting and restoring America's river systems and fostering a river stewardship ethic.
> Ballona Wetlands Land Trust This site is dedicated to the full preservation and restoration of the Ballona Wetlands Ecosystem, the most endangered and unprotected coastal wetlands in the United States..
> Bolsa Chica Land Trust This site focuses on efforts to acquire, preserve, restore, and manage over 1700 acres--including historic wetlands and lowlands, mesas, and uplands--in Orange County.
> California Air Resources Board This site details state government's efforts to promote and protect public health, welfare and ecological resources through the effective and efficient reduction of air pollutants while recognizing and considering the effects on the economy of the state.
> California Coastal Commission This site details state government's efforts to plan for and regulate development in the coastal zone consistent with the policies of the California Coastal Act.
> California Energy Commission This site discloses state government's efforts to promote energy efficiency through appliance and building standards, and to develop energy technologies and supporting renewable energy.
> California Wetlands Information System This site provides comprehensive wetlands information, including maps, environmental documents, agency roles in wetlands management, restoration and mitigation activities, regulatory permitting, and wetland policies.
> CEERT This site discloses a unique collaboration of major environmental organizations, public interest groups and clean technology companies working to achieve a more sustainable energy future.
> Center for Resource Solutions This site is dedicated to promoting renewable energy and economic and environmental sustainability.
> City of LA Environmental Affairs Dept. This site details local government efforts to address environmental issues in a coordinated and centralized manner, including the City's ability to deal with contaminated properties and hazardous wastes, and quality of life and health issues.  
> Earth Day 2000 This site discloses work being done to promote a healthy environment and a peaceful, just, sustainable world by organizing events, activities, and annual campaigns.
> Earthwatch Institute This site details efforts to support scientific field research worldwide through volunteers and scientists working together to improve our understanding of the planet.
> Friends of the LA River This site focuses on efforts to revitalize and protect the Los Angeles River - a living urban river
system - through inclusive planning, education, and wise stewardship.
> Green Pages Online This site maintains a comprehensive directory of environmentally-responsible businesses and the products & services that they provide.
> Green Seal Web This site publishes standards for environmentally-responsible products and lists those products that meet such standards.
> Heal the Bay Online This site gives a monthly beach report card on the coastal water quality of Santa Monica Bay.
> Household This site provides links to products made of recycled materials and/or materials that are environmentally safe.
> League of Conservation Voters This site provides a comprehensive look at the environmental records of members of Congress, grading each legislator on key votes.
> Marine Mammal Center This site focuses on efforts to rescue, rehabilitate and release injured, sick and orphaned marine mammals (seals, sea lions, dolphins, porpoises, whales and sea otters) along a thousand mile stretch of the California coast.
> National Arbor Day Foundation This site details programs that promote responsible tree stewardship in communities, on farms and open spaces, and in the rain forests.
> National Audubon Society This site lists various campaigns being fought for our native birds and their habitats.
> Nat'l Biological Information Infrastructure This site is an electronic gateway to biological data and information maintained by federal, state, and local government agencies; by private sector organizations; and by other partners around the nation and the world.
> Nature Conservancy This site discloses the efforts of the private sector to preserve habitats and species by buying the lands and waters they need to survive.
> PV Peninsula Land Conservancy This site focuses on the efforts of the private sector to preserve undeveloped land on California's Palos Verdes (PV) Peninsula in perpetuity as open space for historical, educational, ecological, recreational, and scenic purposes.
> Plant-It 2000 This site highlights efforts to plant indigenous trees worldwide.
> Scorecard This site (which is sponsored by the Environmental Defense Fund) provides information on chemical pollutants by areas.
> SeaWeb This site is one of the best marine-education sites on the Web; it covers a plethora of ocean-conservation issues.
> SN Forest Protection Campaign This site discloses efforts being made to protect the old growth forests, riparian areas, roadless lands and other biologically important areas of the Sierra Nevada (SN).
> Surfrider Foundation This site is dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world's oceans, waves and beaches for all people, through conservation, activism, research and education.
> Thomas This Library of Congress site allows you to check the status of federal bills, read the text of legislation, contact your representatives, and follow links to government agencies.
> TreePeople This site focuses on efforts to plant trees in urban areas.
> U.S. Environmental Protection Agency This site details federal government efforts to protect human health and to safeguard the natural environment — air, water, and land — upon which life depends.
> U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service This site discloses federal government efforts to conserve, to protect, and to enhance fish and wildlife and their habitats for the continuing benefit of the American people.
> U.S. Geological Survey This site provides reliable, impartial information to describe and to understand the Earth.
> World Wildlife Fund This site provides information on international conservation efforts, with profiles of endangered species, environmental news, wildlife features and related resources.

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Conservation Article Submittals

Any 20s & 30s member may submit a conservation article or bulletin for publishing on this Web site. If it is approved, it will be posted to this page.

If you wish to do so, submit your article or bulletin to our Conservation Chair Carol Tucker by E-mail at Please include your name and contact information for follow-up.

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