Information Common to all Events

Abbreviation Guide

All activities are free to all participants unless stated otherwise in a write-up.

Neither a Sierra Club nor 20s & 30s Singles Section membership is required to participate in these activities, but there are activities discounts and other benefits that accompany such Membership.

Maps and addresses to Angeles Chapter Rideshare Meeting Places are available here.

Adventure Pass information is available from the National Forest Service.

All information for contacting the leaders and/or the reservationists of the following activities can be found in our newsletter and/or our Web site Leaders List.

Each of our activities, other than social events and meetings, is classified as an outing and is given a designated rating; that rating is disclosed by a Rating Code 'letter' at the beginning of the activity write-up. For a definition of all Rating Codes, see the schedule of Angeles Chapter Outings and Activities.

This section abides by all Angeles Chapter and 20s & 30s policies on its outings and other activities. Participants must abide with all Angeles Chapter Outings Policies and 20s & 30s Policies.

No children or pets are to be brought to any 20s & 30s activity unless the write-up specifically states otherwise. And all persons under 18 years old who do attend a 20s & 30s activity must be accompanied by a guardian.



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