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What is the 20s & 30s Singles Section of the Sierra Club?
The 20s & 30s Singles Section (20s & 30s) is a part of the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club; it was formed to promote, to organize, and to lead Sierra Club activities that interest environmentally-conscious single people in their 20s and 30s.

Where are the rideshare points?
Please see:

Are there parking charges for the ride share points?
In some case yes. In particular the West LA rideshare point requires a fee to park.

Do I have to go to a newcomer meeting or newcomer hike first?
No. Events are open to all adults (with the minor exception of events with physical or skill prerequisites). First timers are welcome on any hike (or other event) for which they feel physically qualified.

Do I have to be a member to go on a hike?
No. Events are open to members and non-members.

I'm X years older than 39. Can I come to your events?
Yes. The club is open to all adults, and is geared toward singles in their 20s and 30s.

Are the events free?
Events are free unless otherwise stated in the write-up.. Ocassionally a few dollars are needed for you to pay for your own lunch/dinner/parking/entrance fee/etc. When sharing a ride to an event, it is customary to compensate the driver for mileage expenses.

Are there other 20s & 30s Singles Sections in my geographic area?
Perhaps. There are Sierra Club chapters all over the United States.

How do I contact the leader of an event?
For many events, it may not be necessary to contact the leader prior to the event. Simply show up on time the day of the event at the listed location. Answers to questions about carpool points, and rules and policies are available on our website. If you still do need to contact the leader, the leader contact list is available on our site.

How do I join 20s & 30s Singles Section?
Information on how to join our section is available on our web site.

What benefits do I get by joining the 20s & 30s Singles Section?
Joining 20s & 30s entitles you to:

How much does it cost to join the 20s & 30s Singles Section?
$12 a year for non-Sierra Club members, and $10 per year for Sierra Club members.

What is the ratio of Guys to Girls at the events?
It depends. Each event varies, most often it is very close to 50/50.


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