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  • Demonstrated experience with HTML and digital images.
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  • Experience and interest in the Sierra Club and the 20s and 30s section.
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Be in the Know
Are you wondering who we are? You can get a brief overview by reading About Us. You can also get answers to all the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Stay Current
Did you miss one of our activities? You can read about the great time we had in our Recent Events section. Or if you have just attended a 20s & 30s Singles Section event, go there and submit a news release about your experience; those who couldn't make it will want to know what happened.

Experience the Moment
Do you want to do more than just read about the 20s & 30s Singles Section? Then come and be a part of it! Just pick out one of our events and join us; we're doing great things all the time. And consider our Sailing Program; it's one of the many opportunities in this section that makes 20s & 30s so unique and diverse.

Be Prepared
Have you ever wanted to go on a Sierra Club outing, but didn't know what to bring, where to train, or how to condition yourself for the wilderness? Then check out our Trip Planner.

Know the Rules
Not sure what's kosher on our hikes? Read up on the club's Policies, to avoid embarassing incidents involving hunting small animals during a hike.

Give a Hoot
Do your interests in the wilderness go beyond exploring? Does your passion drive you to be a part of the growing movement to preserve our planet? Then hike over to our section's Conservation page; there you will find a summary of efforts currently being made to protect our environment and some opportunities for you to get involved.

Look Who's Leading Now
Curious who's in charge? Then look into the people in front of and behind the things that we do on the Leadership page. Do you wish to become a leader yourself? Then let that page guide you in the right direction.

Keep in Touch
Do you need help from our club or section? Then go to the Contacts page; there you will find the contact information for the club and its leaders. If it involves conservation, events, leadership, membership, the newsletter, or this Web site, that page can direct you to the right person.

Join the Club
Have you ever wanted to be part of an organization that cares for our environment? Have you ever wanted to explore the wilderness with good people who know what they are doing? Then you may be interested in joining the Sierra Club or this section. Check into our Membership; it includes a Newsletter that is mailed to you on a regular basis.

Upcoming Events
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Select outings:
Fisherman's Backpack 8/9 - 8/11 San Bernadino Mts.
Newcomer Hike - 8/10 La Canada
Beach Bike Ride - 8/11 Marina Del Rey

San Jacinto Tram Hike - 8/17 East San Gabriel Valley Ride share pt.
Rock-n-Bowl- 8/17 Torrance

Newcomer Meeting
Management Meeting

Recent Events
Newcomer Hike - photos
Kern River Rafting
- photos
Big Sur Carcamp
- photos
Descanso Garden tour - photos
Eagle Rock Newcomer Hike
- photos
Morro Bay Carcamp - photos
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Report on our section's conservation efforts
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Sailing Program

Gary's Sailing Page

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