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The 20s & 30s Singles Section (20s & 30s) has a section newsletter which is mailed exclusively to its members and which lists many outings that are neither listed in the activities schedule of the national Sierra Club nor in that of its local chapter.

To subscribe to the 20s & 30s newsletter, you must join the section membership. To do so, see How to Join in Membership.

Upon joining the section, the newsletter will be mailed to you at no additional charge on a bi-monthly basis.

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Feature Article

A Call To Unite -- How We Can Help Protect The Sierras

Bob Brister, Outreach Coordinator for the Sierra Nevada Forest Protection Campaign, will be speaking at our August General Meeting about the problems facing the Sierra Nevada Forest ecosystem and proposed solutions. Please come support our wilderness on August 12 at 7:30 p.m. at the Felicia Mahood Center, 11338 Santa Monica Blvd.(at Corinth, three blocks west of the 405 freeway).

Bob will show and discuss a slide show, "Saving Sierra Forests," that examines the problems facing the Sierra Nevada Forest ecosystem and sites recommendations for new management practices to protect the ancient forests, forested watersheds and biologically sensitive areas of the Sierra Nevada. This is especially timely because the management plan for the Sierras is currently being revised. The outcome will affect logging and forest protection in the Sierra Nevada for years to come.

The Sierra Nevada Forest Protection Campaign is a coalition of about 50 local, regional, and national groups working to permanently protect the remaining ancient forests, wild lands, wild rivers, and other biologically important areas of the Sierra Nevada. They organize conservationists to get involved in the Forest Service's regional planning process for the national forests of the Sierra Nevada.

Bob presents his slide show to environmental and campus groups around California and western Nevada.

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Lesser Articles


Recently, the ballots for the Management Committee Elections of several groups were distributed in the Southern Sierran. This unusual step was taken when the Angeles Chapter threatened to disband these groups if they did not hold elections and provide ballots to all their members. Elected, voluntary management bodies are an essential feature, and time-honored tradition, of the Sierra Club.

Without its Management Committee, the 20's & 30's Singles Section cannot function or even continue to exist. The committee is responsible for setting policies and procedures, overseeing the collection and dispersal of funds, appointing all officers, dealing with issues, and conducting special projects.

The committee is composed of five elected members, who decide which offices they want to hold. These include Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary. The duties vary, but only take a few hours each month. Service on the Committee is a great way to meet people and make friends, and provides a way of contributing to a group and cause which does so much. No experience is necessary, though enthusiasm, dedication, and a team spirit are desirable!

Know someone who would be a great member of the Committee? Want to get involved yourself? Contact any member of the current Management Committee for more details and to submit nominations. The deadline is September 1!

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Schedule of Activities

The 20s & 30s newsletter lists the entire schedule of section activities -- many which are neither listed in the activities schedule of the national Sierra Club nor in that of the Angeles Chapter. This Web site only lists select section Activities.

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Newsletter Corrections

(August-September 1999 newsletter)

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Explore our great Sierra Club section, meet new people, and learn about future activities. Program includes slide show and guest speakers. This month our speaker is Sierra Club member Fred Dong who will give a presentation on East Africa, which was part of his 18-month odyssey traveling through Africa and Europe. Free admission and refreshments. Starts at 7:30 pm, Felicia Mahood Center, 11338 Santa Monica Blvd (at Corinth, 3 blks W of 405 Fwy). For more info, call hotline at 323-937-3321.

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Any 20s & 30s member may submit an article for publishing in our section newsletter. If it is approved, you will be notified of the publishing date.

If you wish to do so, submit your article to our Newsletter Editor Grace Lee by the Newsletter Article Submittal Form or by E-mail at Please include your name and contact information for follow-up.

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