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Activities Page

At present, our section publishes on the Activities page of this Web site all activities that are sponsored by--or co-sponsored by--the 20s & 30s Singles Section; however, this could change! The Management Committee has been discussing the idea of only publishing a few select outings here. If you have an opinion on this subject, please express it to the Management Committee.

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Activity Promotion

If you would like to promote an activity of yours that is in the current newsletter (or expound on it), you may do so on this Web site. Just send the information to the Webmaster at You may include photos or other graphics. The webmaster will circumstances permitting, promote your activity on either the front page, the activity page, or both.

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Conservation Issues

Leaders are needed to assist with hikes and other outings related to conservation issues in the West LA and coastal areas, including Santa Monica Mtns. Outings may be sponsored by some of the regional groups or task force sections, or cosponsored with 20s& 30s. Issues will include, but not be limited to:

- Trail/beach access: adequate parking, properly maintained trails
- Proposed developments such as Ahmanson and Newhall Ranches
- Water & air pollution
- Endangered species/ loss of habitat
- Traffic congestion/public transportation

If you can assist with leading events or have ideas on outings which would focus on conservation issues, please contact Outings Chair James Eble.

Elaine Soost, Former Conservation Chair

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Newsletter Corrections

If you find an error in one of your write-ups on the current newsletter, please inform our Outings Chair James Eble by E-mail at; by phone at (310) 379-9388; by fax at (310) 379-9388; or by mail at 800 N. Meyer Ln., #24, Redondo Bch, CA 90278. Ask him to forward the correction to the Webmaster--after he approves it. Then the Webmaster can change your write-up on the Activities page accordingly and post the change on the Newsletter Corrections page for section participants to read.

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Section Conditioning Hike

Our section is looking for outings leaders to co-lead a weekly 20s & 30s conditioning hike in Palos Verdes. We have three leaders so far, but five or six would be better. If you have an interest, contact Elaine Soost at

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