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We spent the weekend relaxing away our worries on the Central Coast in beautiful Morro Bay. There was hiking, kayaking, wine tasting outings at local wineries, gourmet food prepared by our own wonderful Chef Ron, plus a whole lot more. Leaders: MADELINE KATZ, JAMES EBLE, RON DOMASH, JEFF BREAKSTONE.

Thanks to Graham and Steve for their great photographs.
Writeup by Fred Kleindenst.

Photo's By Graham Martin and Steven Han.
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The breakfast line.

Fred does a cartwheel. 7

Graham does a cartwheel. 5

Linda does a cartwheel. 10+

Sylvie does a cartwheel. 9

Cliff and the rocks in Montana de Oro.

Is my food ready yet?

Ellen does some house cleaning in Morro Bay State Park.

Fred, Sylvie and Linda on the sand spit.

Fred and the birds on the sand spit.

Fred and Sylvie cruise in Graham's kayak.

Fred and Sylvie drift by in Graham's kayak

Gaby, Greg, Susie, Graham, Linda, Conrad and Lisa in Montana de Oro State Park.

Graham and Linda closeup in Fred's kayak.

Graham and Linda paddle Fred's kayak.

Greg and friends.

Jeff, Ellen, Greg.

Group Canoe.

The group of hikers.

The group on the cliff.

Jennifer cooks for us.

Karen and Ellen.

Kayaking with a view.


Morro Rock in the mist.


Tom, Diana, Sylvie, Susie, Greg and Linda.

Tom and Ellen look for whales.


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