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Jeff and James led this newcomers hike for active people in their 20s & 30s to discover the great outdoors.  Their hike choice that day was Solstice Canyon.   Ldrs: Jeff Breakstone, James Eble.
Enjoy the entire photo album (Photos by Narinder Walia).
Writeup by Fred Kleindenst.

JUNE 29-JULY 4 FRI-WED 20s 30s/Backpacking

Enjoy David Adler's picture gallery of this trip.
NOT A BACKPACK; stay in resorts/cabins. In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the SC Outing Progam, follow in the footsteps of John Muir on our hike and sightseeing tour of the Eastern Sierras and Yosemite Valley. Leave Fri. evening, return Wed evening. Moderate hiking with great views in Mammoth Lakes, Tuolumne Meadows, and Yosemite Valley. Possible hike to Half Dome and visit to Mono Lake area. Relax in evening at June Lake Lodge with swimming pool and indoor jacuzzi and in Yosemite with many ranger-led programs. Will have opportunities for biking, swimming, and photography. Reserv: Jim Barbour. Ldr: Cliff Caplan.
Writeup by Fred Kleindenst.

June 15 - June 17 Friday night - thru Sunday noon
O: First Annual Rafting/Fun/Party Extravaganza on the Kern River
55 people braved the cold waters of the the Upper Kern river. While the river may have had higher moments earlier in the season, the wild, and crazy 20's and 30's rafters couldn't have had more fun. Volleyball by car headlights, and a keg around the fire, made this a memorable trip.
Enjoy the entire photo album (Photos by Fred Kleindenst, Paul Lord and others.).
Writeup by Fred Kleindenst.

MAY 25-28 FRI-MON    

O: Campout at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, in the heart of the Central Coast. Asst: JEFF BREAKSTONE, MADELINE KATZ, RON DOMASH
Enjoy the entire photo album (Photos by Jeff Bock and Paul Lord.).
Writeup by Fred Kleindenst.



Despite the atrocious weather of the day before, this outing couldn't have happened on a more perfect day. The sun was out in full force and 15-20 members were out to enjoy the beautiful flowers. We had a leisurely walk through the gardens and then half of the group had an enjoyable lunch getting to know each other at nearby Cafe Sole. Thanks to Karen Norenberg for a great outing!
Enjoy the entire photo album (Photos by Elaine T.).
Writeup by Elaine T.

Oct 7 SAT
O: Eagle Rock Newcomer Hike

Elaine T provided these great photos of a recent newcomers hike to Eagle Rock. Ldrs: RON DOMASH, CAROL TUCKER.
Enjoy the entire photo album (Photos by Elaine T.).
Writeup by Fred Kleindenst.


We spent the weekend relaxing away our worries on the Central Coast in beautiful Morro Bay. There was hiking, kayaking, wine tasting outings at local wineries, gourmet food prepared by our own wonderful Chef Ron, plus a whole lot more. Leaders: MADELINE KATZ, JAMES EBLE, RON DOMASH, JEFF BREAKSTONE.

Thanks to Graham for his great photographs.
Writeup by Fred Kleindenst.


The weekend car-camp and surf adventure was a tremendous success. The La Jolla sea caves provided a bumper car-like challenge for our novice and expert kayakers alike. Sadly, our beach volleyball game was nixed by the local authorities -- we are sure it had nothing to do with the sun bathers that got in the way of the ball. As always, Ron's food was the best, but Mary Jo stole the show however with her impossibly good Mai-Tais. Mary Jo provided us with these great pictures.
Writeup by Fred Kleindenst.

RaftingJUNE 30-JULY 2 FRI - SUN

We began the summer with a BIG splash; on a 2-day/2-night adventure as we conquered the south fork of the American River and rafted through exciting class III rapids like the "Bouncing Rock," "Satan's Cesspool," and…"the Meatgrinder!" We left Friday from the Northridge REI on a luxury bus to our secluded 40-acre camp complete with indoor restrooms, HOT showers and soft, grassy sites for our self-provided tents and sleeping bags. Rafted Saturday and Sunday. Returned to Northridge Sunday evening. Ldrs: FRED KLEINDENST, BARBARA PUNT, CYNTHIA WERNER. Click for the Photo Album. Picture credit to unknown.
Writeup by Fred Kleindenst.


Saturday morning greeted us with the typical June gloom as about 15 hikers gathered for a grueling 9 mile hike. As we ascended Highway 2 for the drive to Dawson saddle, we drove up out of the cloud cover into brilliant sunshine and blue skies just past the fire station. Motoring along Highway 2 past the Spanish broom in full yellow regalia, we bombed along in anticipation of the grueling hike ahead of us.

Stopping at the rest stop just past the tunnels at Islip Saddle, Steve, Brian and I chatted with the Caltrans surveyor camped out there. According to him, the State is proposing to reopen Highway 39 incrementally over the next year or so! After bidding him adieu, we continued on to Dawson Saddle. Gathering up everyone we began the long hike up the mountain. The trail switchbacked through the pines which shaded the trail most of the way. In spite of the haze, gorgeous views of the Antelope Valley, Gorgonio wilderness and Angeles Forest made it hard to pay attention to where one's feet were going!

Upon arriving at the top we were rewarded with million dollar views that stretched for miles. The wind dried our sweat and gave us that second wind to get ourselves down the mountain. Was it worth it? No, not unless you like to punish yourself mercilessly for the brief glimpse of astounding views that make you realize how small and unimportant the stress of daily life is in comparison to the majesty of the mountains and sea that surround us!
Writeup by Lila Mahar.

April 15 SAT

Mary Jo graduated from her provisional leader status by leading the 4.5 mile round-trip hike to the M*A*S*H site. The hike was enjoyed by 30+ people, many of which were first timers. Along the way we stopped at the local swimming hole and later at Century lake for lunch. Jeff Bock brought along his camera and provided us with these great shots.
Writeup by Fred Kleindenst.

March 18 SAT
Hike at Lion's Canyon in Pacific Palisades
Arriving at the trailhead under a cover of fog, I found other 20's and 30's members waiting for the hike to start. We chatted under the fog and before we knew it, the sun came out to start off our hike. With a final count of about 30 we trekked to the trailhead. Walking under shade and through verdant canyons for the first 1 ½ miles and eventually hit the fire road to make the final 2/3 of the ascent in the warm morning sun. We arrived at the top for a scenic vista of the fog enveloped coast and the green Santa Monica Mountains in the background. The mountain lilac was out in full force and it was a wonderful way to welcome spring.
writeup by Lila Mahar.

October 17 SAT
Ethnic Dinner in Cerritos

I was the host of a very nice lunch at the Chinese Restaurant Prince Seafood in Cerritos which was held on October 17th.  About 11 people showed up and we all ended up eating and sharing about six different varieties of Dim Sum.  However, about half way through the lunch several people began to complain that they wanted some "real food and not these appetizers".  So, we ended up ordering some regular entrees from the menu to fill out our meal.  I think that it was a pretty new experience for everyone because there were some nervous comments about not wanting to eat any chicken feet!  However, I think that everyone did enjoy their meal and found this event a nice change of pace.
article submitted by: C. Pelaez

Third Annual Creative Picnic - 10/10/99
On Sunday, October 10, Michelle Pine and I hosted our Third Annual Creative Picnic at Will Rogers Park off Sunset Boulevard. These picnics are unique in that each attendee not only brings a potluck food item...he or she also brings something artistic that he or she created...or a work by his or her favorite artist.

We had a gorgeous day, and beat the heat by sitting on the grass in the shade of some beautiful trees. After we enjoyed wonderful potluck dishes such as pesto pasta and homemade chocolate chip cookies, we formed a circle and each participant who had something creative to share gave a presentation. We were privileged to hear a flutist, a song sung in French, and inspirational speakers. We saw etchings and photographs and a dramatized children's poetry recitation. I presented some improv comedy games with the help of Michelle and two volunteers from the "audience". Some attendees who ran creative businesses got to promote their wares as well as contribute: a professional photographer shared his portfolio of artistic pictures, and a creator of handmade greeting cards passed around her handiwork. My co-host, Michelle Pine, presented one of her delightful Halloween-themed gift baskets.

This was entertainment at its finest because everyone who cared to, had a chance to participate. No matter what your talent, you had your moment in the sun. Whether you were a professional artist or someone who has a knack for story-telling, you shared a piece of your heart with everyone in the circle.

I give my heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated and honored us with an unforgettable afternoon!
article submitted by: M. Benedict

Do a Little Dance, Make a Little Love, Get Down Tonight - 9/5/9

We celebrated (or possibly mourned) the end of summer by enjoying a Labor Day eve concert at Polliwog Park in Manhattan Beach. Those who braved the crowded dance floor strutted their stuff swing dancing to the tunes of Jumpin' Joz Band. Fresh air, good tunes, exercise, and not even a cover charge.
article submitted by: E. Soost

Volleyball Beach Party-Manhattan Beach - 8/15/99

Here are some pictures from the last Volleyball Beach Party at Manhattan Beach.

Midnight Rock & Bowl in the South Bay - 7/31/99

This year's midnight rock-n-bowl on July 31 was a huge success. About 28-30 nightowls, 'spared' no reserve by 'striking' out into the wilderness of the Torrance Gable Bowl. Some added swing dancing to the evening's activities, as the music blared. At least two of those present claimed never to have bowled before as they demonstrated the traditional 20s/30s accumen for new sports: racking up strike after strike. Other 20s/30s members are requested to be kind to all of those who may now sport one longer arm. Had it not been for the particularly late hour, those remaining at 3 AM would have certainly continued the festivities at a local coffee shop - no one wanted to leave. article submitted by: M. Presky

Summer Solstice/Father's Day Celebration - 6/20/99

On June 20, several 20s/30s members, under the direction of Heal theBay and Elaine Soost, helped to clean up Torrance Beach. Afterward, of course, these heros of the environment were joined by others as they 'beached' themselves for lunch. A grand time and sun was had by all.
article submitted by: M. Presky

Griffith Park Hike and Dim Sum Feast - 6/12/99

21 individuals braved the 'wilds' of Griffith Park on June 12, and later rewarded themselves with a sumptious dim sum feast at the Golden Dragon Restaurant in Chinatown. Afterward, about seven of these now bloated hikers toured/marketed their way around and through the shops of Chinatown. article submitted by: M. Presky

Red Rock Canyon to Calabasas Peak Hike - 6/13/99

On Sunday, June 13, soon-to-be 20s/30s leader Lorie Girsh successfully completed her provisional hike at Red Rock Canyon in the Santa Monica Mountains. The hike was well attended with nearly 40 participants. Although the weather was unusually warm, almost everyone decided to do the full hike up to the summit of Calabasas Peak where we were treated to panoramic views of the San Fernando Valley and the Mountains beyond. After the hike, several participants met for lunch at the Reel Inn on Pacific Coast Highway to help Lorie celebrate her accomplishment. Congratulations to Lorie who did a fine job. Her first scheduled outing as a rated leader will on the trip to Northwest Oregon over Labor Day weekend being sponsored by the 20s/30s Section and the 4 Star Committee (see Advance Notice).
article submitted by: C. Caplan

Cambria Pines Memorial Day Luxury Carcamp - 5/28/99 to 5/31/998

Here are some photos from the Cambria Pines Memorial Day Carcamp.
photos submitted by: S. Han

Here is another photo from the same Memorial Day Carcamp.
photo submitted by: G. Buscher

Presidents Day Weekend Carcamp in Death Valley - 2/12/99 to 2/15/99

First night the temperature was close to freezing, about 37-38 degrees F. You definitely needed your thermals for that night. The following 2 days were much nicer, it warmed up to the high 60's or low 70's during the day. 1st day out the group took a tour (about an hour long) of Scotty's Castle. On the tour we did find out that the original real owner of the castle was not Scotty, and it's not exactly a castle. Afterwards we took a ride through Titus canyon and then back to camp for a man-u-fic Pasta dinner provided my Dave Hyman himself. Next day (Valentines Day) we did a short hike through Golden Canyon to Zabriskie point; this was a spectacular view looking out over the valley and blue sky above (see photos). Next it was off to "Badwater" the lowest elevation in the Western US, a drive by colorful "Artist Palette", a quick visit to an abandoned mining town (Rhyolite), and then dinner just across the Nevada border at a small casino in Beatty. About 24-28 people attended this even. We had a good time!
article submitted by: S. Ramirez

Here are a few photos from the Death Valley Trip, led by David Hyman.
photos submitted by: Lygeia

West LA Dinner Walk - 1/10/99

On Sunday January 10, I led the first Santa Monica dinner walk we've offered in well over a year, assisted by Jeff Breakstone. It turned out to be quite a surprising event. Ordinarily, about 10-20 people attend this event. We were shocked when 51 participants decided to join us.

Our journey was a little longer than we had originally anticipated due to the fact that Palisades Park was closed for restoration. As a result, we went down the famous Adelaide Stairs, through the streets of Santa Monica Canyon, and then on down to the beach where we were treated to a spectacular sunset.

As we have in the past, we walked to the Santa Monica Pier and on up to Third Street where we broke into groups for dinner. After we we reconvened, most of the group decided to sign out, with some people walking back up to their cars, while others engaged in a lively discussion until late in the evening at a local coffee house.
article submitted by: C. Caplan

7th Annual New Year's Eve Celebration - 12/31/98 to 1/3/99
Snowshoe Romp to Dewey Point

No fresh powder had dusted the upper reaches of Yosemite for weeks, so the snow up near Glacier Point was as hard as the ice rink down in Curry Village. Now, I love to cross-country ski, but the idea of flying out of control down a bobsled run (as one experienced skier described the trail to Dewey Point) and falling on my face just didn't sound fun. After landing hard on my rear in the first few minutes, I turned and headed for Summit Meadow, where I thought the snow would be softer and the trail more mellow. The next morning, however, I was back on the Dewey Point Trail. But this time, I wasn't struggling to wedge my skis hard enough to stay upright. Instead, I was easily moving up and down the steepest sections of the icy trail - on snow shoes.

I'd always wanted to try snow shoeing but was never willing to give up a good day of cross-county skiing. In Yosemite, I discovered that snow shoeing is a wonderful way of exploring the winter wonderland when the snow is patchy, frozen and unforgiving. And it doesn't require any special skills - just endurance.

No one in my group had snow shoed before - so it took a little time to get used to the shoes. We spent our first half-hour debating whether we had put them on properly (Is there a right or left? Does the buckle go on the inside or outside?) We started plodding up Glacier Point Road, along the way assessing our techniques, wondering if we should stomp or shuffle. But once we turned onto the Dewey Trail, we started gaining confidence. I was amazed at how well the "claws" of the snow shoes gripped the snow, even on the steepest terrain. Difficulties that confront skiers in such conditions didn't faze us. Patches of bald spots? No problem, we marched right over the dirt. (The rental shop had warned us not to go over granite, however, as that can bend the claws). Icy, bumpy chutes, narrowly threading through trees? Hey, forget trying to traverse or wedge, we just pointed our snowshoes straight down and stomped ahead. We powered up and down that trail like Buck and his band of sled dogs, forging sure-footed along the trail. We traveled the eight miles to Dewey Point and back in less than four hours, with plenty of time to relax, enjoy the views and the peaceful Sierra wilderness.
article submitted by: C. Tucker

Hollywood New Year's Eve Rotational Dinner Dance - 12/31/98

Have a look at some happy campers in these New Year's Eve photos.
photo submitted by: S. Ramirez

Trekking Down the South Bay Run - 11/15/98

Elaine Soost and Ed Mackeen led a walk from Manhattan Beach to King Harbor and back, on Nov 15. Although all seemed to have a good time, and ate well at King Harbor, attrition from beginning to end took a toll on the group size. Three individuals were lost at a bar in Hermosa Beach, without signing out on the way back, when it was ostensibly used for a split break. Despite repeated searches, they were never seen again. Discussion was given to reporting the missing parties to the authorities, but it was deemed to be a futile endeavor. For the future, all remaining hikers noted the dangers of Hermosa Beach watering holes.
article submitted by: M. Presky

Mega Catalina Island Mini-Vacation - 9/25/98 to 9/27/98

Somewhere around 100-120 Sierra Club members attended the October 25-27 Catalina Island trip. It was fabulous! The only thing we could've hoped for was a tiny bit more sun. Friday a group of us got right down to business with a quick hike to Parson's Landing, while others stayed in camp swimming, snorkeling or boating. Friday's lunch and dinner were gourmet delights, as were all the meals. Saturday was spent hiking somewhere between 4-7 miles (no one knew for sure) to Two Harbors, with a quick ferry back to beautiful Emerald Bay. After all that walking, we were pretty tired but not too tired to wag our tails on the dance floor later that evening. After dinner Dan (with a little help from Isabelle) led a huge (40+ people?) swing dance class followed by wild abandonment on the dance floor. Singing 'round the campfire and a midnight hike capped the evening. Sunday was a day for lazy relaxation while we geared up to head back home, relaxed and ready to confront a new day.

Thanks to John, Marty, Andrea, Cliff and Maya (hope I'm not forgetting anyone) for making this trip definitely one to remember!
article submitted by: Lygeia


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