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The 20s & 30s Singles Section (20s & 30s) is a part of the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club; it was formed to promote, to organize, and to lead Sierra Club activities that interest environmentally-conscious single people in their 20s and 30s.

We offer a Membership that is separate and distinct from the Sierra Club. And although the majority of our members are single people in their 20s and 30s, anyone is welcome to join our section and/or participant in its activities. Included with our membership is our newsletter, which is mailed on a bi-monthly basis. The newsletter lists all of our section's activities, many of which are not listed in the Angeles Chapter's Schedule of Activities and Outings.

Our Leadership consists of five elected officers who sit on our Management Committee and countless other volunteers. Among them are some sixty five outings leaders who organize and lead our outings. And none are paid for the work that they do!

Our section is very active and our Activities reflex that. Among them, you will find various meetings, social events, and wilderness outings including hiking, backpacking, car camping, canoeing, sailing, biking, kayaking, and skiing. And for those who want an introduction into 20s & 30s, we have a monthly general meeting and a newcomers' hike--where anyone can come and meet the members of our section.

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20's & 30' Section Update

By Carol Tucker, 2000 Chair

The "state of the section" article mentioning volunteers who received awards at the leaders' dinner inadvertantly omitted John Morgen. This was an oversight and not meant to slight John's contributions. We would like to thank John for his many years of service to the section as database administrator and newsletter distribution coordinator. John has also received a service award for his efforts in that capacity. We also apologize if anyone else was erroneously omitted. The 20's & 30's Section Management Committee appreciates everyone's volunteer efforts.

Sierra Club 20's & 30's Section Update May 2000

First of all, I'm pleased to report that the 20's & 30's Section hosted a very successful Leaders Banquet on April 30 at the Stinking Rose in Beverly Hills. This annual event honors our leaders and volunteers for their efforts in the past year. These are the folks who plan events, lead hikes, host mailing parties, etc. On behalf of the current Management Committee, I would like to thank all the 1999 and 2000 volunteers for your dedication! During the evening, we presented a number of awards for service to the section. The following are just a few of the highlights: Curtiss Palmer received our Outstanding Service Award for Website and Treasurer; Gary Crow, Outings Award for "Most Creative Writing;" and Jeff Breakstone, Outings Award for "Most Events." Management Committee Service Awards went to 1999 Chair Sam Ramirez, 1999 Outings Chair James Eble, and other members of the 1999 MC. Volunteer Service Awards went to Elaine Soost, Conservation; Jeff Breakstone, Hotline; Jim Volmer, Quartermaster; David Hyman, Political Chair; and many others.

Newsletter Editor: The Section has found a new newsletter editor! Larry Urish has volunteered to take on this position, beginning with the June-July issue, now in production. Larry will bring his esteemed talents to this position. Thanks, Larry!

Hiking Committee: A number of excellent leaders have volunteered to participate in our new Hiking Committee. So far, the committee includes myself, Steven Han, Madeline Katz, Cliff Caplan, Jim Barbour, Jeff Breakstone and Ron Domash. If you would like to participate, please contact myself or Steven Han. The committee will help boost the number of hikes by leading or assisting on at least one hike per schedule. If they cannot do an event, then their responsibility would be to call five leaders to find someone who can. We will soon be registering the Committee with the Angeles Chapter. This will enable us to list Hiking Committee as one of the "leaders" on a hike, rather than name a particular leader, if there are leaders who want to lead a hike but don't have an assistant by the schedule deadline.

Nominating Committee: This summer we will begin recruitment for candidates to run for the 2001 Management Committee. We will be appointing a nominating committee of three individuals who will be officially recruiting candidates for the fall election. If you are interested in participating on the Nominating Committee, please contact myself or any member of the current MC. Also, please contact us if you want to run for the Management Committee. It's an opportunity to give something back to our section, help us grow, and meet new challenges.

Hotline: Do you feel we still need the hotline? The suggestion has been made that the hotline is obsolete, because more and more people learn about our events through the Website, and keeping the hotline going is time-consuming for the volunteer administering it. The number of incoming calls has greatly dropped since the website has become so popular. Is it worth an individual's time to continue maintaining it? The Management Committee has tabled this item until our June meeting to give it further consideration. Please feel free to let us know your opinion!

Newcomers Meetings: The MC is also debating whether to hold the Newcomer Meetings more often. The meetings are currently scheduled only once a quarter, with next one in July. The idea was that we would have more time to do publicity and get larger crowds. However, there is a suggestion on the table to increase the number of meetings to bi-monthly, to help gain back momentum through more frequent outreach. As with any large undertaking it would be important to have the support of our volunteers before increasing the number of meetings. Please let us know your thoughts about this. This issue has also been tabled until the June MC meeting. In addition, we are working on plans to increase publicity for the meetings. Please contact myself if you are interested in helping out with either publicity or the meetings.

Co-listing Events: At our last meeting, the MC reiterated our position that the 20's & 30's Section does NOT co-list events with for-profit organizations. We believe that doing so would undermine our non-profit status as well as our reputation. Any group that co-opts our events is doing so without our permission. We will co-list events with non-profit groups for purposes in keeping with our mission, such as promoting conservation issues.

Your Participation Is Needed: The MC does not want to make decisions in a vacuum! Our meetings our open to all members, so please feel free to come and offer your thoughts about the issues we are considering. Our meetings are held the first Thursday of the month at Burton Chace Community Center in Marina Del Rey, beginning at 7 p.m. Dinner is provided.

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