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1998 Executive Committee

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Orange County Group Chair, Membership & Fundraisiung Co-Chair Diana Berry

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I grew up in a small NE PA farm town, a child of the 60's and I guess I've always been a volunteer. During my five-week move (via auto and tent) to Southern California, my appreciation of our beautiful country deepened. As I matured so did my attitude and understanding of what is happening to our precious wildlands. I joined a wide variety of environmental groups.

On my 40th birthday, I decided I had to make a commitment—do something that would make a difference and decided that I needed to focus my energies and resources. Few people get to do the things you see in National Geographic and I'm not the radical activist that Greenpeace advocates.

I saw my best opportunity as an active volunteer in the Sierra Club doing the things I love to do and working for a better future at the same time. I am an outings leader, have held several positions on the OC Group Executive Committee, have been membership chair for Angeles Chapter, belong to Orange County Sierra Singles, the Natural Science Section, Backroads Explorers, and am a Keller Hut overseer. There are three major types of activities within the Sierra Club, exploring and enjoying our environment, protecting and preserving wilderness and its creatures and managing the operations of the Club. I feel a privilege, responsibility, and satisfaction in providing volunteer service to each.



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Conservation Chair Bob Siebert

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I have long been interested in the environment, beginning before college and broadening as a result of reading Silent Spring and assessing the general state of things around the time of the first Earth Day. I’ve been a member of the Sierra Club for 30 years and held every office in the OC Group and a few minor ones at Chapter (I never could believe in driving up there more than once a month).

In my spare time I apply my engineering background to energy-related issues, e.g., air pollution, global warming, ozone depletion, energy efficiency. Retired from electronic engineering a few years ago and started a small solar electric business.

I hope to use my experience to assist the vigorous new blood to take over and run the increasingly vigorous OC Group. I am also encouraged by the continuing close relationship we are developing with the Sierra Sage Group.

Treasurer Ron Schrantz

I have been a "native Orange Countian" since age 5. I was even here B.D.—before Disneyland. Early on I was involved in scouting, hiking, camping and snipe hunts. Today I am still involved in these activities (not as many snipe hunts though!). I enjoy hiking in the SoCal area in particular the Bridge to Nowhere hike in the San Gabriels. I am glad to be serving another term on the ExComm and look forward to meeting old and new members on many local hikes.

[Ron was our 1997 OC Group Chair. Thanks for your leadership during the past year, Ron.]

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Outings Chair & Political Committee co-chair Chuck Buck

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I "grew up" in the Angeles National Forest (family had a "hike-in" cabin near Sturdevant Falls in Big Santa
Anita Canyon) so I have hiked off and on for over 50 years. Active in Sierra Club since 1985. Have served
as Outings and Safety Chair for OCSS and for the OC Group. More recently, I have served as Chair of the
OC Group as well as Membership Chair, Council Representative and now as Political Chair and, again,as
Outings Chair of OC Group. I want to build a stronger outings program for our Group as well as an
effective political action committee to work for candidates and issues of importance to the

Educational and professional background: Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Columbia University;
currently employed by Cal State Fullerton as Associate Vice President for Student Affairs. Teach course in
Social/Urban Problems.

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Membership & Fundraising Co-Chair Jay Matchett

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I have been a Sierra Club member since 1981 and am a longtime activist in the Angeles Chapter, particularly with Orange County Sierra Singles. My 1998 position with OCSS—Chair. I have been the Angeles Chapter Membership Chair for the past two years and will remain so for 1998.

During my time as Membership Chair for OCSS, I helped bring in hundreds of new members to the Sierra Club, and thousands of dollars to OCSS. As membership co-chair for Orange County Group, I will use my experience with OCSS to build up our membership. We are currently the 3rd largest group in Angeles Chapter with 5,462 members. My goal for 1998 will be to move us into 2nd place ahead of San Fernando Valley Group (5,628 members). Moving into 1st place ahead of West Los Angeles Group (8,082 members) will take a while longer and will be quite a challenge, but working together, we can do it.

As fundraising co-chair, I will work to move us from one of the poorer groups in the Chapter to one with enough money to do the things we need to do. There are several people in Angeles Chapter and at National who are willing to help us with fundraising, and I intend to work with all of them.

In addition to membership and fundraising, I will be active with Orange County conservation issues such as Crystal Cove State Park. Orange County Group is a better place to get involved in conservation than the singles section, and is the number one reason I decided to run for the ExComm.

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Vice-chair & Secretary Kristen Albinson

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Sierra Club member since 1996. I became an environmental activist as a Greenpeace canvasser shortly after college.

Having just gone through the Sierra Training Academy's Grassroots Organizing Workshop, I hope to help make the group's conservation campaigns more powerful, efficient and effective. Strategically effective and visible campaigns can result in increased member interest, enthusiasm and activism.

My goal as secretary and vice-chair is to increase our group's effectiveness by organizing agendas, correspondence and minutes in such a way as to keep the group on track with its goals and strategic plans, avoiding the pitfalls of tangential and misdirected effort. I hope to create planning materials and workbooks for possible use in "on the job" training of campaign task force members. Finally, I hope to review the bylaws looking for opportunities for maximizing the group's efficiency, flexibity and agility and for minimizing its "response time" to local issues.

I am self-employed as a document management consultant. I recently moved to Orange County from Minneapolis, where I was born and raised. I received my B.A. in history from Lawrence University in Appleton, WI.


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Political co-chair Alex Mintzer

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Born on east coast but raised in O.C. Participated Earth Day 1970. Degrees in biology (ecology/evolutionary biology) from UCI and Univ. of Michigan. Research specialty (1975-1990) ant behavior and ecology; largely inactive since then as dictated by lack of job opportunities. Teacher, editor, and consultant (we all know what that means). Sierra Club member since 1984; life membership, 1996The two most important issues to be tackled are population and wild lands conservation. The American public is still ogling the "miracle septuplets"; this attitude and the underlying moral values must be challenged and changed if we are to have a good future and finish the next century in something better than crisis mode or martial law.

We should take the cue from William Bennett and the other moralist conservatives: the route to success is through proper values education starting with the young, not top-down government control. But political leaders starting with big Bill (Al, are you listening?) must step up to the podium to reinforce the message. Immigration regulation is a bogus issue, a symptom of failure to manage human growth rates elsewhere. Cultures and religions that value large family size must be engaged (ultimately, there is no choice) with as little antagonism as possible. We see a problem coming; we should address and implement solutions. We should build coalitions as needed with ZPG and get some of that Ted Turner money.

As Sierra Club members know, whole-habitat conservation at ecologically appropriate scales is the key to saving species and 'Edward Abbey aesthetics'. A single-species focus (big cats, wolves, butterflies etc.) is only useful to the extent that it increases the area of lands preserved. Other issues (energy use and pollution issues) are also very important, but (believe it or not) solutions are closer at hand to these problems than to underlying human population issues.


Orange County Group Volunteers

Chair & Council Representative: Diana Berry 751-1408

Vice-Chair & Secretary: Kristen Albinson 654-9143

Conservation: Bob Siebert 997-0190

Treasurer: Ron Schrantz 995-8240

Outings & Political co-chair.: Chuck Buck 773-1190

Political co-chair: Alex Mintzer 734-0971

Chapter Liasion: Windflower 828-4568

Trail-building: Bruce Hemphill 847-0884

Santiago: David Salahi 832-7338

Santiago Mailing: Richard Maus 772-2315

Info-phone: 997-2220