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"The best cure for the ills of democracy is more democracy."
— Edward Abbey


The Chapter Political Committees

were established to promote the election of environmentally sensitive candidates to public office, and to maintain a working relationship with legislators and other elected elected officials. Activities include recommending endorsements to ExCom, organizing support for endorsed candidates, and maintaining a liaison with successful candidates after elections. Groups, sections, committees, and task forces are elibible to appoint a voting member of the committees, but individuals may also become members.

Orange County Political Committee meets the first Thursday of the month at 7:10 pm sharp. For more information, contact Paul Arms (714-960-8558) or Alex Mintzer (714-288-2829)

The Los Angeles County Political Committee's meetings may be found in the Schedule of Activities, or by contacting Susana Reyes, Chair.

Get involved where you can really make a difference!

  • collaborate with other groups on certain issues and at election time
  • research election issues and candidates at all levels, from national on down to local
  • advise Sierra Club national and regional leaders on issues
  • work to get environmental issues on the ballot and help to get them passed
  • meet with candidates and elected officials
  • lobby in person, by phone, by email and letter writing
  • help the Sierra Club decide which candidates and propositions it should support
  • educate our fellow Sierra Club members about candidates and issues through reports at meetings...

.... And we have a lot of fun doing all of the above!

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