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Crystal cove state park--private luxury resort proposed

From: Corcoran
Alert Active Until: Fall 2001
Date: 05 Jan 2001
Time: 12:38:40

Action Alert

Under the Wilson administration, CA state parks signed an agreement with resort developer Michael Freed to convert the cottages at Crystal Cove State Park into a $350/night resort. This backroom deal would give public resources to Freed's company for an unprecedented 60 year lease. Sierra Club opposes this privatization of public resources. Sierra Club supports a fully public process for park planning that ensures appropriate, adequate and equitable access to all park resources

Please write a letter today to CA State Parks Director Rusty Areias expressing your concern about this proposal.

He needs to hear from Californians that: We want a state park with access to all, not a $350 per night resort We want a public process, not a backroom deal We want the state to honor the 1982 plan developed with public input

Suggested letter below--please modify as you wish, but keep it polite, please!

Rusty Areias, Director California Department of Parks & Recreation P.O. Box 942896 Sacramento, CA 94296-0001

Dear Director Areias:

I applaud your work to increase public access to our state parks by reducing admission fees and creating more urban parks. Now it's time to give Californians the park they have paid and planned for at Crystal Cove State Park.

The backroom resort deal that you inherited from the previous administration would prevent the vast majority of Californians from the full use of Crystal Cove State Park. Please stop this deal and return to a fully public process like the one that produced the 1982 general plan for the park.

Please keep private development out of Crystal Cove State Park.


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