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The Angeles Chapter web site is a joint effort of 35 volunteer webmasters (and growing.)

Additional webmasters are needed -- one for each section, group, activity committee, and conservation task force that doesn't yet have one!  In particular, any entity that has a newsletter is a good candidate for having its own web site.  And existing webmasters might like to have joint webmasters helping them if there is a particular group or section or committee you are interested in that already has a webmaster.

Training in Microsoft FrontPage (good for novices) and other web development programs such as Macromedia Dreamweaver (editor's pick) can be found at training centers such as COMP USA, New Horizons Computer Learning Centers, and Jr. and State Colleges.  For those who can't afford a web editing program, there is the free Internet Assistant for Microsoft Word available on www.microsoft.com for download, and newer versions of Word, MS Publisher, MS Works, and other word processing and desktop publishing software that you might already have on your computer, have the capability to "save-as" .html (web page format.)

To find out which entities do not yet have a webmaster, see the group, section, and conservation pages on the Chapter web site.  Conservation task forces without a hyperlink to a web page are task forces without webmasters for the most part.  To find out who to contact regarding becoming an entity webmaster, look in the printed Schedule of Activities, attend a meeting of the entity, and/or call an entity leader.

The target audiences for the Chapter web sites are 1. potential Chapter members, 2. existing Chapter members, and 3. persons outside the Angeles Chapter in need of environmental or outdoor recreation information.  To that end, the purpose of the Chapter web sites is the same as the purpose of the Sierra Club:   "To explore, enjoy, and protect the wild places of the earth, to practice and promote the responsible use of the earth's ecosystems and resources, to educate and enlist humanity to protect and restore the quality of the natural and human environment, and to use all lawful means to carry out these objectives."
There is a need and plenty of room for web slide shows if a Chapter member wanted to create a slide show or two on the web site, being a slide show webmaster.  We also accept submissions of photos from Chapter members.
Entity newsletter editors or entity webmasters can convert their entity’s newsletters to web site format usually fairly easily given today's software programs, and become webmasters for their entity.
Entity webmasters are not limited to web mastering a web site for only one entity -- some of our webmasters do the web sites for two or three entities.
The Angeles Chapter has policies in place for Chapter webmasters to follow, and the National Club has policies in place as well.

Click on the links below to see current listings of Chapter entities with and without webmasters:

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Personal Message by Chapter Webmaster

I've had the privilege of web mastering the Angeles Chapter site since 1995.  While its current state of design isn't award winning, I hope you enjoy the content at least!  Since 1995, we have had over 30 webmasters/mistresses create various Chapter entity sites (Regional Group, Recreational Section, or Conservation Committee/Task Force.)  David E. helped with part of the original web site, and some of his pages remain.  He is busy now as Editor of the Chapters' printed Schedule of Activities and Outings, which I convert every 4 months to web database format.

I am continually impressed by the value that the Angeles Chapter adds to the Los Angeles County area.  In the area of conservation - the Chapter, with only a relative "handful" of committed activists (relative in terms of the number of people who live in LA and Orange counties) who spearhead various campaigns and take on various issues, has done some real benefit to the community in preserving open space, what little natural places we have left in our area, and push forward progress on a number of fronts most of which the average Angelino takes for granted but would miss if it were lost.  These are regular people like you and I, but who devote a very large part of their waking lives to preserving what little nature is left in Los Angeles and Orange counties.  They could just as easily get a second job that contributes to their income but they instead have made the decision to take a stand for the natural world.

I am also impressed by our huge outings program, with hundreds of leaders just as committed in helping to keep themselves and others healthy by leading them into the out of doors.  Daily exercise is of course a must.  Gyms can be boring.  Hikes and other activities provide a more enjoyable way to keep your body, mind and spirit in shape.  In Chinese preventive medicine (of which I am by no means an expert I only agree with it personally and not speaking for the Chapter or Club) one of the basic principles is that of keeping a balance between Yin and Yang.  The following table shows how walking in the woods may better balance you then mere physical exercise.  I think you will also see how most of us residents of Los Angeles County are out of balance with too much Yang.  I think of Yang as the "rat race" activities.  Of course we need to have places to "walk in the woods" in the first place - and that is where the other side of the Chapter's activities - conservation - come in!

Yang Yin
Physical Exercise Sleep
Worrying Meditating
Speaking Listening

Walking along a busy street

Walking in the woods

For this reason our outings program delivers more than cardiovascular health!  You might also consider going on a hike and not speaking much for this same reason.  Speak after the hike while sipping a cup of tea at a coffee house with newfound or long time friends.  That is just an idea, usually hikers chat quite a bit on Chapter hikes.  We live in Los Angeles for God's sakes - if anyone needs to get balanced by nature it's us!

Some people I have heard criticizing "environmentalists."  After becoming more involved in the Club rather than being just a paying member since my web mastering for the Chapter began six years ago, I have learned that the large majority of the criticism is nonsense, and that it is in the large majority of cases the other way around - that our environmental activists perform miracles for us and they do not gain much recognition for their work either other than their knowing that they made a difference.  Do environmentalists "go to far" as some people claim?  A small percentage of the time perhaps (In my personal opinion - an example where my personal opinion differs from the Club and Chapter is in the area of military training exercises limitations due to endangered species, where I regard military personnel and the humans they protect as a higher priority of "endangered" than endangered animals.  That personal opinion is not speaking for the Club or Chapter and I generally stomach this difference rather than quit the Club, while here I have mentioned it only to clarify a point.)  But I have learned to not throw the baby out with the bath water as many people make the mistake of doing when they criticize environmental organizations.  In a matter of pros and cons the pros weigh heavier than the cons.  In time you may find the cons taking care of themselves anyways, (for example, the US House as of June 2002 is working on exempting the military from endangered species laws.)

I think for example, we would all like to have blue skies, with much less smog, in Los Angeles. Why don't many of us think optimistically to have and work for blue skies in Los Angeles (and Orange) County?  Because we are used to the smog.  It is part of our lives, we accept that in order to live in this area we must breath it and allow our eyes to be irritated by it, allowing our children to live with its health risks.

Along come the dedicated environmentalists, everyone's heroes as much as firefighters or police officers or military servicemen if you think about it.  They think differently and more importantly, they create their own blue sky miracle by pushing new automotive, industrial and energy technology along.  They are the ones who first adopt clean cars such as EV's or hybrids.  They attend various government meetings to get their points across.  They imagine how great LA would be with clean air.  We know we have the best weather.  LA will be a whole lot more popular and desirable of a place to live with blue skies.  The sunsets will be real, vivid ones again, not "smog sets."  Our environmental activists are Los Angeles' true angels.

Join us if you haven't already, to be a member of the Club, and think positively along with our other members, to help create (more accurately - "restore," and in other cases - "protect") miracles such as blue skies in Los Angeles, and to maintain your health by participating in outdoor activities.  If you are already a member, test drive membership on the Angeles Chapter Conservation Committee by attending their next meeting.  And don't forget to recharge your batteries by staying in touch with nature by participating in outings.

Jim G Volunteer Webmaster and Family - Photo Taken Spring 2002

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