Electric Vehicles can make a big difference in the air quality of Los Angeles and Orange Counties (not to mention helping to  curb global warming .)

The Sierra Club has endorsed the Honda Insight, which is the Club's first product endorsement in its 108 year history.  It is a hybrid-electric vehicle, requiring no charging as its brakes do the charging on the fly, that gets 61 mpg city, and 70 mpg highway.  Because hybrid-electric vehicles' batteries charge on the fly, range is not an issue with them as it is currently an issue with purely electric vehicles.

Please sign Natural Resources Defense Council's online Petition to Leading Automakers regarding your desire to purchase an "earth smart car", to show demand for 100,000 people pledging to purchase a hybrid gasoline-electric vehicle such as the Honda Insight which has been endorsed by the Sierra Club, or the Toyota Prius.

Want to rent an EV?  Budget Los Angeles LAX Airport is open 24 hours a day and has an EV Rental unit with 7 clean models to choose from.  

1-877-EV RENTAL    9775 Airport Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA  90045

EV Electric Charging Locations

Yahoo has an electric vehicle web site directory (which is not a complete directory but shows many different manufacturers.  There are other types of alternative vehicles available as well listed on Yahoo.  Electric bikes are gaining in popularity as well -- check out Yahoo's directory of electric bikes.

Check out the July/August 99 Sierra Magazine articles on "Your next car?" and "Why Detroit's Going Green".

Click here for information on the DWP's Electric Transportation program.

Calstart has an interesting web site, including their page on Car Sharing -- another solution that could assist in the popularity of people switching to vehicles less damaging to air quality and global warming.

As an environmentalist who walks your talk -- you can be the first one on your block to not pollute the skies with the combination of switching to green electricity for your home and purchasing or leasing a hybrid electric or electric car or bike.