Environmental and Recreational Web Links

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Sierra Club Home Page

Sierra Club California Home Page

John Muir Exhibit -- Harold Wood of Sierra Club California and Harvey Chinn jointly created this excellent web site as a tribute to the Sierra Club's founding father.

Sierra The Magazine of the Sierra Club

The Planet The Sierra Club Activist Resource

Ballona Wetlands Task Force

Yahoo Los Angeles -- Environment Directory

Electric Vehicles

Green Electricity

Southern California Commuter Information Center

Turner Foundation -- Conservation Biology & Ecosystem Protection

Chemical Scorecard -- a site that must take an amazing amount of effort to maintain, by  the Environmental Defense Fund, that is a must see for environmentalists.  The site not only shows all of the major polluters in Los Angeles, it also allows you to send faxes to them for free, and this site also has an excellent directory of Los Angeles / Orange County area environmental organizations (some with web sites some without.)

Greenwash Awards -- from the Corporate Watch web site.

Utah Wilderness/Escalante National Monument

BLM Vision Kit -- click here to download a kit from the Bureau of Land Management that you can transmit via the Internet, providing your input and ideas on a future management plan for the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument!

          Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance web site

Map of Grand Staircase - Escalante National Monument (Salt Lake          Tribune, 9/20/96)

Utah Wilderness Website

LA Times "Best Hikes in Southern California"

LA Times Hiking/Climbing Section of Calendar Live

LA Times Recreation and Fitness Calendar

Hikes in the Angeles National Forest with Trip Logs, by Tom Chester

Outdoor Magazine Web Site

The High Sierra Today

Gordie's Ramblings in the High Sierra

California 395

Sierra Highways

Yahoo's Directory of Environment and Nature Publications

Santa Monica Bay Restoration Project

The Backcountry Resource Center

The Evolution of the Conservation Movement, 1850 - 1920, Library of Congress

The Shumacher Society -- promotes the ideas inherent in the decentralist tradition and to implement them in practical programs that link economics, ecology, and culture. Named for Fritz Schumacher, whose 1973 book Small is Beautiful: Economics as If People Mattered continues to influence new generations.

San Gorgonio Volunteer Association -- This association is looking for additional volunteers to help supplement the Forest Service in the San Gorgonio Wilderness in the areas of Naturalist, Information Specialist, Trail Crew, Recreation Maintenance Crew, and Forest Patrol.

http://www.ecofire.com -- Reduce your fireplace's air pollution.

Volunteer America -- Another place to look for volunteer positions, many of which have to do with trail and outdoor volunteer jobs.   You can also post volunteer wanted listings on this web site if you need volunteers for your non profit organization.

Phil Bard Photography -- Fine art landscape photography of the American west.

Autopilot Trip Routing System -- Enter the cities and other info for your next road trip and an itinerary will be returned to you on the web or by email.

FedNet -- Live and archived audio coverage of congressional events. Includes debates from the House and Senate, hearing coverage and news conferences.

Rio Grande Chapter, Sierra Club, Guide to the Outdoors

Peak Climbing Section, Loma Prieta Chapter, Sierra Club, Web Resources for Climbers -- Aaron Schuman of the Loma Prieta Chapter Peak Climbing Section has created a great web site. Here is a link to his "Hot Links" web resources for climbers.

Princeton University Outdoor Action-- A gold mine of information on wilderness safety, wilderness first aid and outdoor recreation.

G.O.R.P. - Great Outdoor Recreation Pages-- A comprehensive index of outdoor recreation web pages.

The Amazing Environmental Organization Web Directory-- A comprehensive index of environmental organizations on the Internet.

Other Environmental Information and web sites on the Internet-- Other sites listed on the Sierra Club web site.

USDA Forest Service Volunteer Opportunities -- From the US Forest Service web site.

Conservation Links From the USDA Forest Service

San Bernardino National Forest -- USDA Forest Service.

Yahoo's Outdoor Recreation Directory

Yahoo's Nature and Environment Directory

Greywolf's Wolf Resource Page

@LA -- This Los Angeles web site is a directory of useful L.A. web pages. Here is a link to @LA's Environment page. And here is a link to @LA's Recreation page.

Friends of the Santa Clara River

Being There

California's Natural Resources -- Also From the California Resources Agency

Outdoor Resources Online

L.L. Bean's Park Search

Cyberspace Guide to Hiking

Backcountry Home Page

American Camping Association -- A Web Site Where you can Search for ACA Accredited Summer Camps for Children

The Backpacker

Hiking and Walking Homepage

Rock N Road -- A Rock Climbing Web Site

Mountain Bike Resources Online

Resort Sports Network -- A Guide to Ski Resort Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Safety Management -- From Princeton University Outdoor Action

Lyme Disease Information

Foolproof Weight Loss

Speak Out!-- Windows software that automates the process of writing letters to congressional representatives. There is also another list of congressional email addresses at this site.

Bryce's Commonly Recycled Materials -- A comprehensive guide to recyclables.

Los Angeles Area Adventure Club -- An outdoor adventure club for persons in their 20's and 30's.

Community Wire Service -- A volunteer-operated community network for the cities of Burbank, Glendale, La Ca�ada Flintridge, Pasadena, and South Pasadena. Los Angeles. 

Canada Lynx not listed as threatened or endangered.

Recycle City -- by the Environmental Protection Agency.

American Hiking Society

The Great Outdoors

Wild Wolves -- NOVA web site.

Los Angeles Orienteering Club

Upper Newport Bay Naturalists

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