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Rating Codes, Transportation, Bus Insurance, Mountaineering Restrictions, Rules of Conduct, Liability Waiver

(tree)Activities and Outings Skill Level Rating Codes

The Chapter Safety Committee has established the following classifications for all Chapter sponsored outings to differentiate the levels of skill required of participants and the event leaders. This classification does not relate to outing strenuousness.


For events conducted by a non-Sierra Club entity (i.e. Concessionaire)


Applies to a variety of uncomplicated outings (i.e., city walks, bike rides, trail hikes, backpacking.) May involve simple off trail hiking not requiring navigation skills. Climbing level: "Class 1" terrain.


Includes outings that involve cross-country travel where navigation is necessary. Rougher ground than "O" outings may be traversed, and the use of hands for balance may be necessary. Includes outings that have snow travel or skiing on easy terrain. Climbing level: "Class 2" terrain.


Includes Moderate level climbing: "Class 3" terrain. On rock, the hands are used for climbing. Some participants may want a safety belay. On snow, safety dictates the use of ice axes and the ability to self-arrest.


More exposed than an M outing. Climbing on "Class 4" terrain. Rock climbs will use a rope for all in the party. On snow, steeper terrain than M outings is permissible, and safety dictates the use of crampons.


Technical outings requiring specialized skills as identified in the sponsoring group’s safety policy.

(tree) Transportation:

Leaders cannot take an active role in making arrangements for partici­pants' transportation. The Sierra Club does not have insurance for carpooling arrangements and assumes no liability for them. The leader supplies directions to the trailhead, but carpooling, ride sharing or anything similar is strictly a private arrangement among the participants. Participants assume the risks associated with this travel. Riders customarily share expenses with drivers. The contribution varies with the vehicle, number of riders, road condition, etc. A suggested amount is 10¢per mile per person.

(tree)Bus Insurance:

Contact Jack Goldberg, Bus Coordinator, for info.

(tree)Mountaineering Restrictions:

Outings requiring the use of ice axes or rope/climbing gear may be conducted under very restrictive circumstances. Such trips require special participant screening and trip plan approval, use of waivers, and Sierra Club membership for all participants. The sponsoring Groups, Sections, & Committees must first submit an appropriately revised Safety Plan to the Safety Committee Chair. Contact the Outings Management Comm Chair before planning any such trips.

(tree)Rules of Conduct:

In order to assure the well being of all; preserve natural beauty and living things; maintain good will toward the Sierra Club and its objectives—the following Rules apply to all persons joining Sierra Club activities. Conduct must, at all times, be acceptable to the group itself, to the general public, and to officials with whom the group may come in contact.

The policy of the Angeles Chapter Sierra Club is that there is no place in Sierra Club events or outings for harassment, sexual or otherwise, of leaders or participants. Such action by any Sierra Club leader or participant will not be tolerated, and violation of the policy will result in disciplinary action, including loss of leadership status and loss of privilege of participating in Sierra Club events or outings.

The authority of the leaders is to be recognized. Never precede a hike leader; never leave a group without leader's permission; abide by leader's rulings as to adequacy of clothing, footwear, equipment, proficiency, experience, etc.

Obey all fire, sanitary, administrative, and safety regulations of both the Club and governmental agencies. Don't throw rocks. Bring out all unburned litter. Take only photographs; leave only footprints. On trails, don't cut switchbacks—the practice leads to erosions.

All cooking on overnight trips will be done on stoves. One campfire is permitted where firewood is not in short supply.

   Firearms are prohibited. Animals are prohibited unless a specific announcement that animals will be allowed is included in the trip write-up. Radios such as “walkman”, or similar entertainment devices are prohibited on outings. Radios necessary for navigation and GPS receivers are permitted. Cell Phones and hand-held portable radios may be carried by participants or leaders for emergency use only. These may not be used to call home, or for other non-emergency calls.

Persons less than 18 yrs old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian or have written permission from same giving phone number and authorization for continuing treatment by an MD in case of necessity. Use the Authorization and Consent forms on p 15 and have copies for each leader and the minor.

Events are open to all members and guests unless the event description lists special restrictions. Make sure you understand these restrictions as they apply to your qualifications to participate—be sure you are qualified to participate and that you will not handicap the group because the activity is too strenuous for you. The privilege to attend outings and other events may be limited or withdrawn from those who willfully and/or repeatedly do not comply with the Rules of Conduct. The outings leaders are the sole judge of the qualifications of participants, and they are required to screen participants to manage the safety of the entire group.

(tree)Liability Waiver:

In order to participate in a Sierra Club outing, you will need to sign a liability waiver.  If you would like to read a copy of the waiver prior to attending the outing, please see .


Rating Codes, Transportation, Bus Insurance, Mountaineering Restrictions, Rules of Conduct, Liability Waiver