Mule Pack Section

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(tree) Mule Pack Section conducts 3-7 day outings in the Sierra Nevada Mtns and other areas of the great outdoors using hired packers to carry gear.

(tree) Outings: You don’t need to own a mule, ride a mule, or even know which end of a mule is which, to go on a mule pack trip. Trips are much like backpacks, except hired mule packers carry our gear to our campsite. On most trips we hike the first day on foot to a scenic backcountry campsite, carrying just a daypack while hired packers take our gear separately to our campsite. For the next several days we individually choose to relax in camp, fish, enjoy scenery, or go on individual or group hikes. We usually have at least one potluck meal and happy hour. Where campfires are allowed, we have a central campfire at night. At end of the trip we hike out from campsite on foot while the hired packers separately take our gear to our cars. Total weight limits for each person’s personal gear range from 30-50 lbs., depending on trip. Any weight over specified limit must be carried in our daypacks. Each participant should bring a stove and cooking fuel, tent, other equipment necessary for a camping trip. Trip size is usually limited to 15.

(tree) Meetings: Usually 2nd Sun in Nov, Jan, Apr, Jul.  Newcomers welcome at all meetings.