Speakers' Bureau


The Speaker's Bureau's mission is to provide speakers for Sierra Club members and non-members. The speakers are usually prepared to talk mainly about environmental issues such as recycling, grassroots organizing, Sierra Club membership, community empowerment, tree planting, sustainable development, sustainable societies, waste reduction as well as motivational presentations that share the philosophy of coexisting in greater harmony with nature.

In the past, speakers have presented material to political clubs, seminars, fund raisers, business conferences and even to students in high schools and colleges. Basically, any Sierra Club member who would like to communicate a message to any group that relates to improving our awareness and relationship with the environment should feel free to contact the Speaker's Bureau.

Our speakers are high spirited and eager to share their knowledge and ideas for the benefit of all.

Because all speakers are volunteers the number of speakers may be limited, therefore advance requests are recommended.

For more information about the Speaker's Bureau please call Jan Kidwell at 818-506-8731 or e-mail Jan at JKIDW@aol.com .