Pannier Tour: Death Valley Ramble

On Dec. 2 five of us left Panamint Springs (altitude 1900) in the Death Valley National Park and rode 27 miles to the Wildrose primitive camp (altitude 4200"). The road is a little rough in places, but the weather and scenery was splendid. After putting up our tents Mike and I rode part of the way to Mahogany Flat. I discontinued where the road becomes unpaved - you need a mountain bike for the remaining six mile round trip. In camp we snacked and prepared our hot meals. Mike had hauled a Presto log from Panamint which provided us with a small fire to warm the chilly air. On Sunday morning we made a steep climb through Emigrant Pass (altitude 5300) and descended through the delightfully scenic canyon to the old Emigrant camp ground. We turned south on Hwy. 190 and reached Towne Pass (altitude 5000) about 1 PM. A fast and exciting downhill of 3000 brought us back to Panamint Springs at about 3 PM. We had ridden 43 miles and climbed 4700 feet this day.

This ride has been scheduled on a regular basis at this time of year. Those interested in participating in the future are invited to contact Mike Wolf.