Photo credits and Submissions

Photo Credits

Copyright 1999 by Sierra Club, Angles Chapter Camera Committee
All photos are the property of the respective photographers or their agents and are used here with their permission.
Copying, reproduction or other uses of these photos is prohibited without the written permission of the photographer or other copyright holder.


Photographer: Wesley Peck

Photos: Photographer: Vaughn Hart
Contact: Ph. (310)273-7887; Fax. (310)273-7924

Photos: Photographer: Steve Anderson
Contact: Ph. (714)962-2054


To submit pictures and/or articles for inclusion in the Camera Committee's web page, E-mail to Please include a note granting permission to use the material and stating the limits of usage. (Usable on Camera Committee site only or also usable on Angeles Chapter's and/or Sierra club's web site(s)) Any pictures submitted by E-mail should be in JPEG format and sized to fit in a browser window. Material may also be submitted in person at the Camera Committee meetings to either the webmaster or another management person.

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