Crystal Cove State Park, situated in the heart of the heavily developed Orange County coast, contains miles of unspoiled prime beachfront, many tide pools, a district of historic 1930's cottages, and archaeological sites.  It has been a haven for Californians from all walks of life since their tax dollars purchased the park in 1979.

In the mid-1990's, State Park officials secretly negotiated an unprecedented 60 year contract which would essentially give away the park's most desirable ocean front acres to a private developer who would "preserve" the historic cottages by turning them into a high-priced resort at rates up to $700 per night, far out of reach of the ordinary citizen.  In addition, this "sweetheart deal" would permit the developer to build on this ecologically and archaeologically sensitive site:

Hotel guests will have priority at these facilities, and public beach access will be restricted.
The number of parking spaces currently available to the public will be halved.

We know of no citizens groups that are in favor of this plan.

If the contract is implemented:

The luxury resort proposal violates both the spirit and letter of the General Plan and "Development and Public Use Plan for the Historic District", which call for rehabilitation of the cottages for use by family, hostel, and group use at moderate rates.  These plans were created by a public process (unlike the resort plan) and represent the will of the people of California.

Special legislation was secretly inserted into the 1996 State Budget bill to permit the overriding of the publicly-approved plans.

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