Update: August 28, 2000:  The workshop described in the article below was tentatively scheduled for October 4, 2000, but has been postponed again.  We will post details as they become available.

Crystal Cove Resort Plans Submitted to State:  Mid-July Workshops Likely

excerpted from The Coastline News, 5/26/00:

"Would-be Crystal Cove State Park concessionaire, Michael Freed, also owner and operator of the Post Ranch Inn, submitted his draft plans for converting the Historic District of Crystal Cove into a 60 room high-end resort operation late last Friday afternoon to the State Parks/Environmental Design Division for their review, according to James Quail at the Department's Sacramento office.

Parks Department review is estimated to take four weeks and the resort developer's revision, an additional two.  This schedule puts the Public Workshops, promised at an unveiling of the proposed Parks-concessionaire contract at El Morro School in 1997, on this summer's calendar for mid-July.

Or, given the additional requirement of a "Notice of Preparation" for an Environmental Impact Report to be drafted by the Parks Department, the first official public input on the conversion plan could possibly occur in August.

Public Workshops are a legal prerequisite to a hearing by the State parks Commission to approve a General Plan for any unit of the parks system, or to approve any General Plan Amendment.  In this case, the resort proposal is incompatible with the previously approved General Plan and will require a "new and different" (amended) plan to achieve compatibility and give effect to the contract."

SAVE CRYSTAL COVE has requested a copy of Michael Freed's resort development plans under the Freedom of Information Act.

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