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Save Crystal Cove Historic District for the People of California

It is especially  important for Governor Davis, State Resources Agency Director Mary Nichols, and Paul Witt(chair of the State Parks and Recreation Commission) to know that you oppose the resort. Please include "For Distrib. all Comm. Members" in the address to Judith Frank so that all the Parks Commissioners will receive a copy of your letter.

Please Fax a copy of your letter and any response received to:
Crystal Cove Task Force, Sierra Club Angeles Chapter, Jeannette Y. Merrilees, co-chair at (949)  949-2958
or, send to P.O. Box 4834, Laguna Beach, CA 92652.

Write to:

Hon. Gray Davis
Office of the Governor
Senate Capitol Building
Sacramento, California  95814

Paul Witt, Chair
State Park and Recreation Commission
Att'n:  Ted Jackson, Spec. Ass't
(For Distrib. all Comm. Members)
P. O. Box 942896
Sacramento, CA  94296-0001
Email:  "Attn: Paul Witt"
Ph.  (916) 653-0524
FAX  (916)-653-1819

State Resources Agency
Mary Nichols, Director
1416 9th St.  Room 1311
Sacramento, CA  95814
Ph:  (916) 653-5656
FAX:  (916)  653-8102
Email:  "Attn: Mary Nichols"

Director John R. Areias
State Dep't of Parks and Recr.
P.O. Box 942896
Scrmento, CA  94296
Ph:  (916)  653-8380, Sec:  Denise
FAX:  (916) 657- 3903
Email:  "Attn: John Areias"
N. B.  "Hard copy in the mail"

California Coastal Commission
Peter Douglas, Executive Director
45 Fremont Street, Suite 2000
SanFrancisco, Ca  94105
Ph:  (415) 904-5200
FAX:  (415) 904-5400

California Coastal Commission
Charles Damm, Deputy Director
200 Oceangate, 10th Floork 10000
Long Beach, Ca  90802-4302
Ph:  (562)  590-5071
FAX:  (562)  590-5084

35th Senate District:  Hon. Ross Johnson
State Capitol bldg, #305
Sacramento, CA  95814
Ph:  (916)  319-445-4961

70th Assembly District:  Rep. Marilyn Brewer
State Capitol, Rm. 36031
Sacramento, CA  95814
Ph:  (916)  319-2070
FAX:  (916) 319-2170

State Assemby Speaker Pro-Tem Fred Keeley
State Capitol Bldg, Rm. 3152
Sacramento, CA  95814
Ph:  (916) 319-2027
FAX:  (916) 319-2127

State Historical Preservation Office (SHPO)
Danial Abeta
P.O. Box  942896
Sacramento, Ca  94296-0001
Phone:  (916) 653-6624

John Foster, State Archaeologist
P. O.  Box 942896
1416 Ninth Str.,Rm 923
Ph:  (916)  653-4529
    (916)  653-8480  Secr.
FAX:  653-3398

Los Angeles Times letters to the editor:

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