Schedule of meetings and tours related to Crystal Cove:

A short walk into the Crystal Cove Historic District guided by Sierra Club Outing Leaders Jeannette Merrilees and Mike Sappingfield.

Discover the abundant natural and historic resources in this State Park and why the proposed 60-year upscale resort is controversial.  Wakers will meet in the Los Trancos Area (CCHD parking lot) on the inland side of Pacific Coast Highway, just north of Laguna Beach, between the Reef Point and Pelican Point park entrances.

Walkers should dress for the weather, wear surf mocs (water booties) or sturdy rubber soled footwear, and a hat.  Sunscreen and water are advised.

Schedule for Nov - Dec. 2000: 


Nov. 26, Sunday at 2:00 pm:  Tidepool walk
Dec. 9, Saturday at 1:00 pm:  Tidepool walk (a Park Docent tour)
Dec. 10, Sunday at 2:00 pm:  Tidepool walk
Dec. 24, Sunday at 2:00 pm: Tidepool walk

Call (949) 494-9638 for more information or to make group reservations.

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