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   Electric Vehicles can make a big difference in the air quality of Los Angeles and Orange Counties (not to mention helping to curb global warming .)  Just as SUVs have become popular merely because other people are driving them and many  people do what other people do, clean cars can become popular when there are enough "early adopters" to get the clean car ball rolling.  Help drive demand for clean cars by leasing or purchasing a clean car today.  "For our Families, for our Future."

Action Item:  Click Here to Take Action on Higher Fuel Economy Standards

Southern California EV Recharging Locations

California Zero Emission Vehicle Incentive Program - $3,000 per year for 3 years!

Purchase a hybrid electric vehicle in 2002 to get a $2,000 credit on your 2002 Federal taxes!

How about an all Electric SUV?  Toyota is now

 offering its E-RAV4 in California!  About $42K .



The Sierra Club has endorsed the Honda Insight, which is the Club's first product endorsement in its 108 year history.  It is a hybrid-electric vehicle, requiring no charging as its brakes do the charging on the fly, that gets City/Highway 61/68 mpg (with manual transmission.  57/56 mpg with automatic transmission.)  Because hybrid-electric vehicles' batteries charge on the fly, range is not an issue with them as it is currently an issue with purely electric vehicles.

Harbor City Honda is offering (as of May 9, 2002 - check with Harbor City Honda to see if the pricing is still available) "Fleet Pricing" to all Angeles Chapter Sierra Club members on the new Civic Hybrids (46/51 mpg manual, 48/47 automatic transmission.) As long as members show them a valid Sierra Club Membership card the fleet pricing will be made available.  Please contact Erwin Koti - Business Development Manager, Harbor City Honda, 1450 W. Pacific Coast Highway,  Wilmington, CA  90744  (310) 834-4773 .

The Toyota Prius is another hybrid car that that gets 45/52 mpg (automatic transmission) and has been awarded "The First Green Family Car" by the Sierra Club.

Want to rent an EV?  Budget Los Angeles LAX Airport is open 24 hours a day and has an EV Rental unit with 7 clean models to choose from.  1-877-EV RENTAL    9775 Airport Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA  90045

Small, golf cart like 100 percent electric vehicles, such as the Ford Think City shown below, are slated to hit the market before 2002.  Advantages of these "city side street cars" are:

1. Cheaper - the car's engine lasts longer than a gas engine.

2. A way to keep your teenage driver safe - the car has limits in terms of speed, acceleration, and driving range.

3. Harmless to the environment (if you are also choosing clean power which is a choice most people in our area can make.)

4. Easier to park.

5. Affordable, especially compared to large 100 percent EVs.Ranger

Large EVs such as Ford's electric Ranger shown at right, and GM's (Saturn) EV1 below,  are excellent choices when they are in stock as well of course, with the advantage of being better suited for freeway driving than their smaller counterparts.EV1

Yahoo has an electric vehicle web site directory (which is not a complete directory but shows many different manufacturers.) There are other types of alternative vehicles available as well listed on Yahoo.  Electric bikes and electric scooters are gaining in popularity as well -- check out Yahoo's directory of electric bikes and scooters.

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has a lot of good information on alternative vehicles.

Calstart has an interesting web site, including their page on Car Sharing -- another solution that could assist in the popularity of people switching to vehicles less damaging to air quality and global warming.

If you don't have plans as ambitious as setting up a car sharing coop, find one or two friends and split the ownership on a larger more powerful gas using truck or vehicle if you have a need during vacations (such as if you are a boating enthusiast) to use such a road hog.  This should be cheaper and much better for the rest of the planet's inhabitants than driving that same road hog to get groceries and to commute to work.  Of course another way to use a truck periodically to tow a boat or to carry cargo during your vacation is to rent one at your local Rent A Truck location, such as U-Haul or Ryder.

As an environmentalist who walks your talk -- you can be the first one on your block to not pollute the skies with the combination of switching to green electricity for your home and purchasing or leasing a hybrid electric or electric car, bike or scooter.

Please read the Union of Concerned Scientists USA - "Drilling in Detroit" article on auto fuel efficiency.

ENN has an interesting article on new hybrids coming in 2003/2004.

Remember:  Driving a 100 percent electric vehicle does not do too much good unless you are also choosing clean power, because standard power plants create air pollution.