Green Electricity is available in LA and Orange Counties.  It is important to be an "early adopter" of green power, and also to persuade your friends and neighbors to switch, so that clean power one day becomes the most popular choice for consumers.  "For our Families, for our Future."

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The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power now has green power.

You can find some contractors to install solar electric and heating systems for your home or business at this page on YahooGenerating your own solar energy is the *best* solution to California's electricity crisis and to energy consumption, and you may be able to sell your surplus electricity to your neighbor or to the area electric utility company, making income from the solar generated electricity!  Make sure you find a contractor licensed in solar and electrical.  One good choice from that Yahoo listing appears to be , as they claim to be the first installer of a Siemens Solar system that qualified the owner to sell surplus electricity to LADWP.  For businesses, the use of solar as backup power can help the environment as well by reducing the need for diesel backup generators.  Another apparently good source for a solar installation is .  And another is ESDI at 818-762-6624 .

Another solution to California's electricity crisis is switching to electricity from green electricity suppliers.  Anyone can switch their electric service in various LA/Orange County areas to electricity generated from environmentally friendly (and/or friendlier) sources such as wind and solar power.  If an environmentalist really desires to be "a part of the solution rather than a part of the problem" -- walk their talk -- they would switch to green power.

The Sierra Club has a section of their web site about Clean Energy.

The Loma Prieta Chapter of the Sierra Club has information on their web site showing the pros and cons of the different types of energy available to consumers at .

The Sierra Club publication The Planet  has an article on green electricity as well which cautions the consumer about making a wise green-e choice: .

If you live outside the City of Los Angeles, visit Go Green Power and Green-E .  These two web sites show various green power providers -- use caution when shopping by reading the information on the above two linked Sierra Club web sites.  When you visit this web site, be sure to visit the individual company web sites as well -- as some of the services use a percentage of traditional ("system") power as well as renewable, and others use 100% renewable.


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