50 Reasons Why Oakmont View V is Bad for Glendale
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The Glendale Crescenta VOICE, Sierra Club, and many others in Glendale believe that the Oakmont View V development will be BAD for Glendale.  These are a few of the reasons why.

    1. Traffic congestion -- Oakmont View V will increase delays and congestion along key roadways near the development site.

    2. School overcrowding -- Oakmont View V will contribute to an overcrowded Fremont Elementary School, Rosemont Middle School, and greatly impact Crescenta Valley High School.  The developer will not build any new schools.

    3. Construction noise and BLASTING for at least 12 years.

    4. Construction vibration from grading impacting residents and Camp Max Straus.

    5. Construction for possibly 60 years.  Oakmont View III and IV have taken almost 20 years to complete.  That development was only about a third the size of Oakmont View V.  That would mean that Oakmont View V could take 60 years to complete.

    6. Fire danger to Oakmont View V from wildfires resulting from placement of structures near natural vegetation and slopes.

    7. Land or mudslides due to the instability of cut slopes.

    8. Land or mudslides due to the instability of natural slopes.

    9. Landslides and building damage in Oakmont View V due to earthquakes.

    10. Oakmont View V conflicts with Our City’s land use plans and policies.

    11. Oakmont View V is incompatible with nearby land uses.

    12. The development conflicts with and impairs the ability of Camp Max Straus to function as a camp for children with disabilities.

    13. Oakmont View V will increase the available homes in Glendale by less than ˝ of 1 percent.

    14. Construction will visually scar our hillsides.

    15. Oakmont View V will not comply with Glendale’s standards and topographic alteration.

    16. The development will permanently scar the beautiful view of our hillsides.

    17. There is no guarantee that the Oakmont View V homes will conform to Glendale’s architectural standards if waivers are granted.

    18. Oakmont View V will increase light pollution and glare.

    19. The development will increase air pollution.  It will increase certain pollutants to significant and unhealthy levels.

    20. Loss of plants and trees will increase carbon dioxide air pollution.  Plants remove large volumes of carbon dioxide from our air.

    21. Dust during construction will impact the children at Camp Max Straus and other people with respiratory problems.

    22. Increased ozone pollution from the development will increase the risk of asthma in children that live nearby.

    23. Loss of recreational open space -- hikers, bikers, and equestrians have used this area for quite a number of years.

    24. Mudslides during the lengthy construction phase of the development.

    25. Loss of rare and sensitive plant species and habitat in the development area.

    26. Loss of rare and sensitive animal species and habitat in the development area.

    27. Loss of thousands of oaks, bays, and sycamores that are protected under Glendale city law.

    28. Loss of rare oak riparian habitat.

    29. Loss of a blue-line stream and other wetlands and waters of the United States.

    30. Loss of a portion of significant ecological area number 40.

    31. Loss of sensitive plants and habitats outside of the development area.

    32. Death or injury to sensitive animals outside of the development area.

    33. Loss of biological links with the San Gabriel and Santa Monica mountains.

    34. Interference with movement of wildlife through loss of wildlife corridors that the development will block.

    35. Development will damage or destroy a natural setting that strongly contributes to the well-being of the people of Glendale.

    36. Development will destroy any archaeological or other cultural artifacts that are on the site.

    37. Removal of existing bicycle lane along La Crescenta Avenue.

    38. Exposure of nearby noise-sensitive land uses to increased traffic noise.

    39. Significant impacts related to the construction and use of the proposed water delivery system.

    40. Unacceptable response time by Glendale emergency services to the Oakmont View V residents.

    41. Too few escape routes for Oakmont View V residents.  Thousands of Oakmont View V residents would have to flee on two winding narrow streets.

    42. The cost of providing city services and utilities will exceed tax revenues generated by the Oakmont View V residents.

    43. Vacant lots for possibly as long as 60 years.

    44. 44-50 to come.......

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