El Picacho del Diablo


By: unknown

The following is a brief description of the hike: We hiked the canyon from the desert and did the peaks; Carl Johnson, north peak - 9 times, south peaks - 7 times, Bruce Kocka - north peak - 2 times, south peak - I time, and Dan Nagel - north and south peak - first time but who's counting?

We parked Bruce's truck at Rancho Santa Clara Jose Ramiriz and his family) and stashed a mountain bike at the trailhead to retrieve the truck at the end of the hike. The bike idea worked out pretty good, Dan got a ride up to the trailhead with Ignacio Ramirez (son) because the road has some deep sand and is slightly uphill. No worry about truck breakins. The Ramirez family were friendly to us and we were able to share our dinner with them, give them some supplies, and help them out with some money. Mondays Memorial Day weekend traffic was terrible - with no local gas and a hour and half military check point wait near the salt flats in the middle of nowhere on Highway 5.

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