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  1. Subject to the powers of the members as provided by these Bylaws, the management of the affairs and activities of the Section shall be in the hands of a Management Committee of five members, elected by the members of the Section for terms of one year. The Management Committee shall consist of the Chair, the Vice-Chair, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and the Program Chair.
  2. Only the Management Committee or those specifically authorized by it shall act in the name of the Section. The Committee shall have the authority to make rules and regulations for carrying out the procedures established by these Bylaws. If any dispute arises concerning any act of the Section Management Committee, the Angeles Chapter Executive Committee shall have the power to determine the procedures to be followed. Actions of the Section must be consistent with the purposes of the Sierra Club and the policies and directives of the Angeles Chapter and the Board of Directors.
  3. The Chair shall preside at meetings of the Section and of the Management Committee; shall enforce the Bylaws; shall call meetings of the Management Committee as required; shall appoint committees with the consent of the Management Committee to plan and carry on the work of the Section.
  4. Vice-chair. During the absence or disability of the Chair, the Vice-Chair shall act in his/her place; shall arrange scheduled climbs; shall be Chair of the Mountaineering Committee; shall be the Outings and Safety Chair; shall solicit and collect outing proposals from leaders for approval for submission to the Angeles Chapter Schedule.
  5. Secretary. The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of the meetings of the Section and of the Management Committee; shall have custody of the current year records of the Section; shall attend to the correspondence under the direction of the Chair; shall have a copy of these Bylaws and those of the Angeles Chapter available for inspection at all meetings of the Section and the Management Committee.
  6. Treasurer. The Treasurer, under the general supervision of the Management Committee shall have custody of the funds of the Section and keep an accurate record thereof; shall make disbursements when authorized to do so by the Management Committee or the Chair; shall prepare an annual budget at the beginning of the fiscal year and track the fiscal status; shall manage the inventory of merchandise for sale including pins, Road & Peak Guides, and clothing.
  7. Program Chair. The Program Chair shall arrange programs and refreshments for the regular meetings and be responsible for the annual spring banquet.
  8. The newly elected Management Committee shall appoint the officials listed below and such others as may be designated by the Management Committee These positions may be filled by Mangement Committee members. The Management Committee plus these officials constitute the Extended Management Committee.
    1. Conservation Chair. The Conservation Chair shall direct the conservation activities of the Section.
    2. SAGE Editor. The Desert SAGE Editor shall be responsible for soliciting inputs for the SAGE including trip writeups and other reports as called for by these Bylaws; shall assemble the SAGE; shall direct publication and mailing of the SAGE. The Desert SAGE shall be published in odd numbered months. Non-members may subscribe.
    3. Mountain Records Chair The Mountain Records Chair shall work to maintain the register books and containers on DPS peaks.
    4. Archivist The Archivist shall have custody of the permanent records of the Section.
    5. Membership Chair The Membership Chair shall review applications for Section membership; shall maintain an address list of active Section members and a list of holders of achievements; and shall keep a membership list of those qualified to vote at the regular and special meetings. The Membership Chair, if not already a member, shall be an ex officio Management Committee member without vote.
  9. Meetings of the Extended Management Committee shall be held, when called by the Chair or any three members of the Management Committee, at least quarterly at times and places to be specified. These times and places should be announced at regular general meetings of the Section and in a Newsletter of the Section or Angeles Chapter distributed to all members. Special meetings of the Extended Management Committee may be called by the Chair, or any three members of the Management Committee, but only on at least one week's notice, unless all members waive this notice requirement. Due notice of special meetings and the scheduling of regular meetings must be given to all members of the Extended Management Committee. Three members of the Management Committee shall constitute a quorum and three affirmative votes shall be required for the transaction of any business or approval of any resolution. All meetings of the Management Committee shall be open to attendance by any member of the Sierra Club in good standing, except that in unusual circumstances, the Management Committee may convene in private session for discussion of sensitive issues, but shall take no vote except in open session.

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