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  1. The Chair shall appoint a nominating committee of three members of the Section, one of whom may be an officer, and shall announce the committee members at the January meeting.
  2. At the regular February meeting, the nominating committee will submit to the membership at least five candidates for election to the Management Committee. Nominations for additional candidates may be made from the floor at the regular March meeting.
  3. Names of nominees shall be placed on a ballot and mailed to all members of the Section within two weeks after the March regular meeting. Completed ballots must be received by the Chair of the Nominating Committee before the opening of the regular April meeting. The ballots will be counted by at least two members of the Nominating Committee at the regular April meeting, and the five candidates receiving the highest number of votes shall be elected. Election results will be announced at that meeting. Proposed additions and deletions to the Peaks List in accord with Article XI and proposed changes to the Bylaws in accord with Article X shall also be included in the ballot. An election is invalid unless 25% or more of the regular membership votes (blank ballots do not count).
  4. The newly elected members shall meet within two weeks and select from their number a Chair, a Vice-Chair, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and a Program Chair. The present Chair will attend this meeting in an advisory capacity.
  5. The new Management Committee shall take office immediately after the Banquet if held in May or at such time in May as the old and new committees agree.
  6. Should a vacancy occur on the Management Committee, the remaining members shall, within thirty days, elect a member of the Section to fill the vacancy.

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