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Extracted from the 27th Edition, September 1991, by Bill T. Russell
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1. Trans Sierra 4. Riverside County 7. Utah
2. Death Valley 5. San Diego & Imperial Counties 8. Arizona
3. San Bernardino County 6. Nevada 9. Mexico


The climbing class indicates the difficulty of the most usual route. The classes are:

  1. Hands in pockets hiking on trails or easy cross country.
  2. Rough cross country travel - boulder hopping and use of hands for balance.
  3. Handholds are necessary for climbing - some people may ask for belays.
  4. More difficult climbing with considerable exposure - ropes are used.
  5. Technical rock climbing.
  6. Rock climbing with artificial aid.


The listed maps are the USGS topographic, or topo, 7.5', 1:24,000 series and the 15', 1:62,500 series. At our latitude, the 7.5' maps cover an area of about 7 by 8.5 miles. The Mexican maps are Mexican government topo maps of 20' longitude by 15' latitude, 1:50,000.

The peak is located on the first, or principal, map listed for each peak. The other, or auxiliary maps are needed to cover the usual climbing route from the roadhead.

Elevations are obtained from the maps and are given in feet. Meters have been converted to feet by dividing by the factor 0.3048.

The code numbers give the geographic coordinates of the southeast corner of the 7.5' maps. They permit location of the topo map on small scale maps such as atlases, Auto club maps and USGS 1:100,000 or 1:250,000 series maps. The first two digits give the latitude, and the next three give the longitude, in degrees. The capital letter designates the latitude in steps of 7.5' from A at 0.0' northward to H at 52.5' and the last digit designates the longitude in 7.5' steps from 1 at 0.0' westward to 8 at 52.5'. For example, the SE corner of the Glass Mtn map (37118G6) is at 37045' N , 118"37.5'W.

A table of these indices for minutes is:

Latitude Longitude Minutes
A 1 0.0
B 2 7.5
C 3 15.0
D 4 22.5
E 5 30.0
F 6 37.5
G 7 45.0
H 8 52.5


UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) coordinates are given for some peaks to define peak location on the given map. UTM coordinates are useful for specifying the location of any point on the map: roadheads, campsites, and points along the climbing route. The UTM coordinate grid is defined by the blue tick marks spaced one kilometer apart along the edges of the older maps and by the grid of fine black lines on newer maps. A location to 100 meters is given by a six digit number. The first two digits are the eastward coordinate obtained from the top and bottom edges and the third digit is the number of tenths of a km to the east of the numbered grid line. The fourth and fifth digits are the northward coordinate obtained from the left and right side of the map and the sixth digit is the number of tenths of a km to the north of the grid line. For example, Pleasant Point, 274474, is 400 meters east of the 27 north-south grid line and 400 meters north of the 47 east-west grid line.. Note that the UTM coordinates go from west to east and south to north. A memory aid is "read right up'.

Location to a precision of ten meters can be given by an eight digit number in which the third and fourth digits give the eastward fraction of a kilometer to one percent and the seventh and eighth digits give the northward coordinate.

n Following the index number indicates a note at the end of the list.
* Denotes a map with metric contour intervals and elevations.
(X) A capital letter in parentheses after an auxiliary map title gives the location of that map relative to the principal map. For example, for peak 1.9, Union Wash (W) is west of New York Butte.
CAPS The names of the seven emblem peaks are capitalized.



Index Peak Name Class Elevation UTM Map Code 7.5' Map(s)
1.1 Mount Patterson 1 11,673 38119D3 Mt Patterson
1.2n Glass Mountain Ridge 1 11,140 500811 3711866 Glass Mtn
1.3 Boundary Peak 2 13,140 37118G3 Boundary Peak
1.4 MONTGOMERY PEAK 2 13,441 37118G3 Boundary Peak
1.5 Mount Dubois 2 13,559 37118G3 Boundary Peak
1.6 White Mountain Peak 1 14,246 37118F3 White Mountain Peak, Juniper Mtn (E), Mt Barcroft (SE)
1.7 Waucoba Mountain 2 11,123 371 18A1 Waucoba Mtn, Waucoba Spring (E)
1.8 MOUNT INYO 2 10,975 36117FB New York Butte, Union Wash* (W)
1.9 Keynot Peak 2 11,101 36117FB New York Butte, Union Wash* (W)
1.10 New York Butte 1 10,668 36117FB New York Butte, Dolomite (S)
1.11n Pleasant Point 1 9,690 274474 36117E7 Cerro Gordo Peak
1.12 Nelson Range 2 7,696 414457 36117E6 Nelson Range
1.13n Maturango Peak 2 8,839 36117A4 Maturango Peak
1.14n Argus Peak 1 6,562 597675 35117G4 Trona West



Index Peak Name Class Elevation UTM Map Code 7.5' Map(s)
2.1 Last Chance Mountain 1 8,456 37117C6 Last Chance Mtn
2.2 Sandy Point 1 7,062 452117 3711785 Sand Spring, Hanging Rook Canyon (W)
2.3 Dry Mountain 2 8,674 36117H5 Dry Mountain
2.4 Tin Mountain 2 8,953 36117H4 Tin Mountain
2.5 Panamint Butte 2 6,584 3611703 Panamint Butte, The Dunes (W)
2.6 Tucki Mountain 1 6,726 885392 3611702 Emigrant Canyon, Tucki Wash (E)
2.7 TELESCOPE PEAK 1 11,048 3611781 Telescope Peak
2.8 Sentinal Peak 1 9,634 36117A1 Panamint
2.9 Porter Peak 1 9,101 36117A1 Panamint
2.10n Manly Peak 1 7,196 35117H1 Manly Peak*
2.11 Needle Peak 2 5,803 35117H1 Manly Peak*
2.12 Grapevine Peak 1 8,738 36117H2 Grapevine Peak, Wahguyhe Peak (E)
2.13 Mount Palmer 2 7,958 36117H2 Grapevine Peak, Wahguyhe Peak (E)
2.14 Corkscrew Peak 2 5,804 36117G1 Thimble Peak, Daylight Pass (E), Chloride City (SE)
2.15 Pyramid Peak 2 6,703 36116D5 East of Echo Canyon, East of Ryan (S)
2.16 Smith Mountain 1 5,913 36116A6 Gold Valley
2.17 Eagle Mountain #2 3 3,806 3611683 Eagle Mtn
2.18 Brown Peak 2 4,947 36116A4 Deadman Pass
2.19 Stewart Point 2 5,265 713025 3611682 Stewart Valley*
2.20 Pahrump Point 2 5,740 775951 36116A2 Twelvemile Spring*
2.21n Nopah Range 2 6,394 829848 36116A1 Nopah Peak*, Twelvemile Spring* (W)
2.22 Canyon Point 1 5,890 660447 36117E4 Harris Hill, Cottonwood Canyon (E)



Index Peak Name Class Elevation UTM Map Code 7.5' Map(s)
3.1 Avawatz Mountains 1 6,154 607299 35116E3 Sheep Creek Spring*, Pass Lake NE (S)
3.2 Kingston Peak 2 7,336 35115FB Kingston Peak*, Horse Thief Springs* (N)
3.3 Clark Mountain 3 7,907 35115E5 Clark Mtn*
3.4 New York Mountains 3 7,532 537028 35115C3 Ivanpah*, Pinto Valley* (S)
3.5 Old Dad Mountain 2 4,252 039847 35115A7 Old Dad Mtn*
3.6 Mitchell Point 2 7,048 335714 34115H5 Fountain Peak*
3.7n Edgar Peak 2 7,162 337689 34115H5 Fountain Peak*
3.8 Granite Mountains #1 2 6,762 194508 34115G6 Bighorn Basin*
3.9 East Ord Mountain 1 6,168 218328 34116F7 Ord Mountain, Camp Rock Mine (E)
3.10 Old Women Mountains 2 5,325 619269 34115E2 Old Woman Statue*
3.11 Sheephole Mountains 2 4,593+ 205878 3411586 Dale Lake*
3.12 Stepladder Mountains 2 2,927 952293 34114E7 Stepladder Mts*
3.13 Chemehuevi Peak 2 3,694 34114E5 Chemehuevi Peak
3.14 Turtle Mountains 2 4,298 001931 34114C7 Mopah Peaks*, Horn Spring* (S)
3.15n Mopah Point 3 3,530 057987 3411467 Mopah Peaks*, Savahia Peak SW (E)
3.16 Whipple Mountains 1 4,130 383999 34114C4 Whipple Mts SW



Index Peak Name Class Elevation UTM Map Code 7.5' Map(s)
4.1 Martinez Mountain 2 6,560+ 608127 33116E3 Martinez Mtn, Toro Peak (W)
4.2 RABBIT PEAK 2 6,640+ 708994 33116D2 Rabbit Peak
4.3 Rosa Point 2 5,000+ 774915 33116C2 Fonts Point
4.4 Pinto Mountain 1 3,983 33115H7 Pinto Mtn
4.5 Eagle Mountains #1 1 5,350 168343 33115F6 Hayfield, Cottonwood Spring (W)
4.6 Orocopia Mountains 1 3,815 134149 33115E7 Orocopia Canyon, Cottonwood Spring (N)
4.7 Black Butte 1 4,504 33115E3 Pilot Mtn
4.8 Chuckwalla Mountains 2 3,446 703030 33115D2 Chuckwalla Spring
4.9n Spectre Point 2 4,400+ 474660 34115A4 Cadiz Valley SW*
4.10 Granite Mountains #2 2 4,331 781603 33115H1 Palen Pass*
4.11 Palen Mountains 2 3,848 816453 33115G1 Palen Mts*
4.12n Big Maria Mountains 1 3,381 157498 3311406 Big Marla Mts SW



Index Peak Name Class Elevation UTM Map Code 7.5' Map(s)
5.1 Indianhead 2 3,960+ 33116C4 Borrego Palm Canyon
5.2 Sombrero Peak 2 4,229 32116G3 Sombrero Peak
5.3 Jacumba Mountain 1 4,512 32116F2 Jacumba
5.4n Picacho Peak 6 1,920+ 32114H6 Picacho Peak



Index Peak Name Class Elevation UTM Map Code 7.5' Map(s)
6.1 Ruby Dome 2 11,387 290977 40115E4 Ruby Dome, Lamoille (N), Noon Rode (NW)
6.2 Wheeler Peak 1 13,063 38114H3 Wheeler Peak, Windy Peak (N)
6.3 Arc Dome 1 11,773 695981 3811703 Arc Dome, Toiyabe Peak (N), Corral Wash (NW)
6.4 Mount Jefferson 1 11,941 064891 3811608 Mount Jefferson, Jefferson (S)
6.5 Hayford Peak 1 9,912 36115F2 Hayford Peak, Sheep Peak (S), Black Hills (SW), White Sage Flat (W)
6.6 Mount Stirling 1 8,218 36115D8 Mt Stirling*
6.7 CHARLESTON PEAK 1 11,915 36115C6 Charleston Peak*, Griffith Peak* (S)
6.8 Mummy Mountain 2 11,528 213178 36115C6 Charleston Peak*
6.9 Potosi Mountain 2 8,514 352810 35115H5 Potosi*
6.10 McCullough Mountain 1 7,026 35115E2 McCullough Mtn
6.11 Spirit Mountain 2 5,639 35114C6 Spirit Mtn
6.12 Moapa Peak 3 6,471 3611404 Moapa Peak
6.13 Virgin Peak 1 8,071+ 36114E1 Virgin Peak*
6.14 Bridge Mountain 3 7003 349994 36115B5 La Madre Spring*, Mountain Springs* (S)



Index Peak Name Class Elevation UTM Map Code 7.5' Map(s)
7.1 North Guardian Angel 4 7,395 37113C1 The Guardian Angels
7.2 South Guardian Angel 4 7,140 37113C1 The Guardian Angels
7.3 Navajo Mountain 1 10,388 37110A7 Navajo Begay



Index Peak Name Class Elevation UTM Map Code 7.5' Map(s)
8.1 Mount Tipton 2 7,148 35114E2 Mt Tipton
8.2 Humphreys Peak 1 12,633 35111C6 Humphreys Peak
8.3 Superstition Mountains 2 5,057 628967 33111D4 Goldfield
8.4 Weavers Needle 4 4,553 3311103 Weavers Needle
8.5n SIGNAL PEAK 2 4,877 715948 33114C1 Palm Canyon
8.6 Castle Dome Peak 3 3,788 33114A2 Castle Dome Peak
8.7 Kino Peak 3 3,197 32112A8 Kino Peak
8.8 Mount Ajo 2 4,808 32112A6 Mt Ajo
8.9 Baboquivari Peak 4 7,734 31111G5 Baboquivari Peak, Chiuli Shaik (W)



Index Peak Name Class Elevation UTM Map Code 7.5' Map(s)
9.1n Cerro Pescadores 2 3,543+ 463821 IllD75 Sierra Cucapa*
9.2n Pico Risco 3 4,987+ 123557 IllO84 Arroyo del Sauz*
9.3n EL PICACHO DEL DIABLO 3 10,171+ 552297 HllB55 Santa Cruz*, San Rafael* (N)
9.4n Cerro Pinacate 1 3,957 635177 H12A12 Volcan el Elegante*, Sierra Blanca (S)*, Los Nortenos (SE)*


No. Peak Name Notes
1.2 Glass Mountain Ridge The summit is higher and about 0.6 mi SSE of the point labeled 'Glass Mountain' on the topo.
1.11 Pleasant Point The summit is NNW of the Cerro Gordo Mine; permission to drive, park or hike in the area should be obtained from the caretaker at the mine.
1.13 Maturango Peak The peak is within the Naval Weapons Center. The approach from the east may be closed at any time.
1.14 Argus Peak The peak is within the Naval Weapons Center. The approach from the east may be closed at any time.
2.10 Manly Peak The peak has a third class summit block on which some climbers will want a rope.
2.21 Nopah Range The summit is higher and about 0.8 mi SSE of the point labeled Nopah Peak on the topo.
3.7 Edgar Peak The DPS formerly called this peak 'Providence Peak'.
3.15 Mopah Point The northern and lower of the two Mopah Peaks.
4.9 Spectre point The summit is the high paint of the Coxcomb Mtns. it is 0.3 mi SW of benchmark Aqua. The 7 1/2' topo is in error; the highest contour lines at Spectre Pt are missing. Spectre Pt is about 70 feet higher than BM Aqua. The DPS uses the name 'Tenser Pt' for BM Aqua and the name 'Dyadic' for the point 0.3 mi ENE of Spectre Pt at UTM 478661.
4.12 Big Maria Mountain Prior to 1980, the summit was designated as point 3379', which is 0.8 mi NNE of the present summit.
5.4 Picacho Peak DPS members sometimes call this peak 'Little Picacho' but it is not the Little Picacho shown on the topo.
8.5 SIGNAL PEAK The DPS also calls this peak 'Kofa Peak'.
9.1 Cerro Pescadores Cerro Pescadores is the DPS name far the point in the Sierra Cucapa at 32"20' N, 115"21.7'W about 20 miles south of Mexicali. It is 1.5 km SE of benchmark Puerta.
9.2 Pico Risco Pico Risco is the DPS name for the prominent point that is 2.9 km SW of the resort of Canon de Guadalupe. The peak location is 32"08'N, 115"48.5'W
9.3 EL PICACHO DEL DIABLO The DPS usually calls this peak 'Big Picacho'. It is also named Cerro de la Encantada. It is at 30"59.6'N, 115"22.5'W. It is unnamed on the topo; It is not the Picacho el Diablo that Is 7.6 km to the NW near the Observatory nor is it the Pico del Diablo 4.5 km to the south. The code number of the map San Rafael is H11B45. The map to the NE is useful for driving: it is H11B46, Santa Clara.
9.4 Cerro Pinacate The peak is at 31"46.5'N, 113"29.5'W. it is shown on the US Sectional Aeronautical chart, Phoenix, as a prominent unnamed point with an elevation of 3957'. it is also unnamed on the Mexican topo with an elevation of 1200+m. The code numbers for the auxiliary topos are H12A22, Sierra Blanca and H12A23, Los Nortenos.


The DPS publishes a guide for each peak that gives map extracts and information on access roads and climbing routes. Availability Information

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