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The Sage is published six times a year by the Desert Peaks Section of the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club. It costs ten dollars a year to subscribe to the Sage. Anyone can subscribe to the Sage, even if not a member of the DPS or the Sierra Club, by sending $10 to the treasurer. Non members who subscribe to the Sage are not allowed to vote in our elections.

Submitting Articles

We welcome all articles and letters pertaining to outdoor activities of interest to DPS members. Some submittals tend to be too long and space limitations and other considerations are factors in the decision to publish an article. The editor may modify submittals in a perhaps misguided attempt to ease clarity or decrease length but will hopefully not modify your meaning. Send copy to our Editor, Mark Adrian prior to the odd-numbered months. E-Mail usually works well and you can normally attach a file to the Email message. Occasionally E-Mail fails to arrive, so I will reply to an E-Mail submittal with a message saying I've received it. If you do not receive a confirmation of my receiving your E-Mail submittal you might want to inquiry or resend the copy.