Participating in Desert Peaks Section Trips

Most Desert Peaks trips include Saturday and Sunday dayhikes with a Saturday night carcamp unless otherwise specified. Trips range in difficulty from trail hiking to cross-country travel over rugged terrain to exposed climbing requiring technical aid such as ropes. In order to participate in an DPS outing, a waiver must be signed by each participant at the trail-head. This waiver is part of the sign-in sheet.

Our trips our published in the Angeles Chapter Schedule of Activities and in our newsletter. Unless otherwise specified, most DPS trips involve Saturday & Sunday cross-country dayhikes with a Saturday night carcamp. The DPS is known for their parties. The DPS usually has no quotas. If you have applied and you do not hear otherwise, you may assume you are accepted. SASE's are normally returned with trip sheets 1-2 weeks prior to the trip. Please join us on a hike!


Leaders cannot take an active role in making arrangements for participants' transportation. The leader supplies directions to the trailhead, but transportation arrangements, including ridesharing, are the responsibility of the participants. Club insurance does not extend to owners, drivers or passengers of private cars. Riders customarily share expenses with drivers. The contribution varies with the vehicle, the numbers of riders, the road condition, etc. A suggested amount is 10 cents per mile per person.

Outings requiring the use of ice axes or ropes/climbing gear may be conducted under restrictive circumstances. Such trips require special leader screening and trip plan approval, both at the Chapter and National levels. Also, all participants must be Sierra Club members and sign a liability release (waiver). Before first conducting such restricted outings, the sponsoring Group/Section/Committee must submit an appropriately revised Safety Plan to the Safety Committee Chair, Larry Tidball. Contact the Outings Management Committee Chair, Bill Oliver, before planning any such trips for the first time. [As of 1997, there is no longer a special per person fee to offset the cost of accidental death and dismemberment insurance. Such medical coverage is no longer provided for participants. Also, Workers Comp coverage is no longer provided for leaders. Leaders are provided, however, without charge with a modest $10,000 supplemental medical policy.]

In order to assure the well-being of all; preserve natural beauty and living things; maintain good will toward the Sierra Club and its objectives the following Rules apply to all persons joining Sierra Club activities. Conduct must, at all times, be acceptable to the group itself, to the general public, and to officials with whom the group may come in contact.

The authority of the leaders is to be recognized. Never precede hike leader; never leave group without leader's permission; abide by leader's rulings as to adequacy of clothing, foot-wear, equipment, proficiency, experience, etc.

Obey all fire, sanitary, administrative, and safety regulations of both the Club and governmental agencies. Don't throw rocks. Bring out all unburned litter. Take only photographs; leave only footprints. On trails, don't cut switchbacks as the practice leads to erosions.

All cooking on overnight trips will be done on stoves. One campfire is permitted where firewood is not in short supply.

Firearms and use of radios (except for essential uses such as navigation or communication) are prohibited. Animals are prohibited unless a specific exception is included in the original trip writeup.

Persons less than 18 yrs old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian or have written permission from same giving phone number and authorization for continuing treatment by an Medical Doctor in case of necessity.

Events are open to all members and guests unless the event description lists special restrictions. Make sure you understand these restrictions as they apply to your qualifications to participate be sure you are qualified to participate and that you will not handicap the group because the activity is too strenuous for you. The privilege to attend outings and other events may be limited or withdrawn from those who willfully and/or repeatedly do not comply with the Rules of Conduct.

The Chapter Safety Committee has established classifications for outings that involve different levels and areas of skill but do not relate to the strenuousness of the outing.

C For events under external control of a non-Sierra Club entity (e.g., ranger, concessionaire).
O Applies to uncomplicated outings such as hikes on trails or equivalent.
I Includes outings involving off-trail travel that require navigational skills.
M Applies to outings that include moderate snow climbs and/or class 3 rock climbing.
E Applies to outings that involve more severe snow climbing.
T Applies to outings that involve specialized technical activities.

This is a list of Desert Peaks Section sponsored outings that have been published in the section newsletter, the Desert Sage and/or the Angeles Chapter Schedule of Activities. To participate in a trip, you must send an sase (self addressed, stamped, envelope) to the leader. Restricted trips are limited to Sierra Club members who are on the SPS mountaineers list.

For leadership contact information, it is necessary to obtain a copy of the Angeles Chapter Schedule of Activities.

October 28-29 SAT-SUN I w/WTC Sentinel Peak (9634'): Visit historic Panamint City and climb the second-highest major peak in Death Valley NP. Sat. backpack 5 mi, 3600' gain up Surprise Canyon to Panamint City and explore the ruins. Sun. dayhike 6 mi r.t., 3400' gain to Sentinel and back to camp, then return to cars. Total 16 mi, 7000' gain for the weekend. Great WTC experience trip. Send SASE/email with addr/phone/exper/cond to leader: Gary Craig. Asst: Sue Holloway.
October 28-29 SAT-SUN I Arc Dome (11,773'), Mount Jefferson (11,941'): Marathon driving to two Nevada peaks. Moderately paced 12 mi rt, 4600'gain on trail and dirt road to Arc Dome on Sat. Sun., 4 mi rt, 2400'gain on use trail for Jefferson. Send SASE to Ldr: Tina Bowman. Co-Ldr: Doug Mantle.