Fire Starter

Hi. I start my fires in the winter with a paper cup
filled with mixed wood and wax shavings. It gives me a
larger and hotter fire than just a candle. When I make
them I use pie wood (it burns fast and is easy to
light) normal candle wax, normal little ketsup cups
and a match. Fill the cup with wax and wood shavings.
Shove a match in the side(you may have to shorten it)
and then drip molten wax over the top of the cup and
the match head. As the paper cup is waxed, this little
thing is pretty waterproof (i.e. especially good for
canoes/kayaks). When you are ready to use, scrap the
wax off the match head with a fingernail (preferably
your own;)) light the match and position so the rest
of the wood chips start burning. Cover with thumb
sized wood and build up from there. Enjoy!!

Ronald Hempel - rhempel@cc.UManitoba.CA
PS: a little experimentation is need to get things right.

PPS: I forgot to mention that if you are an avid sunflower seed eater, the empty shells work great for a replacement for wood shavings!!

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