Simmering Pad

I like to find multiple uses for the items I pack in. One such item is my XGK's simmering pad, made from 1/4" woven wire. To make it, cut a 5" x 10" section of wire. Next, bend 2 1/2" of each end (measured along the 10" dimension) over so the pad is a double thickness. This thickness seems to suck away enough heat so that I can simmer. I do, however, still pack a lid from a large can of tomatos that I cut off perpendicular to the normal direction so as to avoid sharp edges. (i.e., the metal joint or "rim" is left attached to the can's base) When put inside my wire simmerer, this REALLY cuts the heat. As for multiple uses, I take the wire grid to help start my fires. Unfold the two ends so that the wire forms a "table", place your fire starter below, and you can start a lot of even very wet small sticks quickly without smothering the flames.

Brian Rae

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