Weatherproofing a Hammock

I learned this tip while i was in the rainforest in south america. If your ever in a predicament where it rains alot, ie. rain forests it is some times a good idea to get out of the weather. since it rained night and day the only way out was to make a shelter cover larger than your tent. Well you can't sleep on the ground there (short of clearing the groung cover and laying a ring of ashes and cinders around your tent space) so this was found too time consuming and we elected to use hanging hammocks instead. Very little overhead cover. When you hang your tarp more often than not water will run down your line and on to you. So how to stop this problem? take the guts of some 550lb. test line or any other small thread and girth hitch it to your main canopy line out side of your tarp. the line doesnt need to be very long at all. 2 or 3 inches will suffice. but when the water runs down your line it will hit the string and drip off. ending alot of sleepless nights.

Mark Harrison

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