Hiking the Web: Outdoor High Tech Gadgets

Now that summer is here, you may find yourself trekking in the great outdoors. If you're both a techno-geek and a nature freak, we have the perfect combination of gadgets just for you.

  1. Brunton MNS Multi Navigator
    This gadget combines an altimeter, a storm watch feature, as well as a digital compass. No more trying to figure out which way is north by wondering if moss really does grow on that side of the tree. This device also has a GPS (global positioning system) feature. Take it to the desert, a glacier, or even to the local park. It costs $399 and runs on AA batteries.
  2. 8D Remote Control Lantern
    This is not your grandfather's lantern. You can flip out your remote control from your tent and turn off this lantern even if it's far away from where you're snuggling in your tent. It runs up to 35 hours at full strength and up to 100 hours as a nightlight. The price ranges from $22.95 to $50.00.
  3. FitSense FS-1
    Find out how far you've hiked or run with this speedometer. Wear the watch-like device on your wrist to read the feedback taken from the foot pod. It gives you your pace, distance, calorie burn, and heart rate. The Fit Sense FS-1 starts at $199.
  4. GeoDiscovery Geode
    This Handspring VisorPrism module slips right into the Springboard slot. It contains detailed maps for the entire United States for free. For a fee, you can download maps from anywhere in the world. It's also a full-service GPS system. It'll cost you $289.
  5. Qualcomm GlobalStar GSP-1600
    This is a dual-mode conventional cellular phone and a satellite phone, all in one large, yet handheld, package. Next time you crave takeout, but you're in the middle of nowhere, use this phone to call your order in. Be warned that the satellite portion only works if you have plenty of clearance. It will cost you only $1,200 to act like James Bond on your next camping trip.



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