Susanís Report
By Susan


The kayaking weekend on Sept. 15- 16 was fabulous.  Saturday we relaxed our nerves in high style at the Radisson. Donna won the table tennis games.   We splurged on a scrumptious Moroccan feast, and were glad to see the restaurant was full in spite of headline disasters. We enjoyed the wine Diane picked and the belly dancer was quite good diversion as well.  On Sunday 11 kayakers toured the La Jolla Coast to see the cliffs and the famous 7 caves.  We entered the two largest ones.  Some of our group kayaked and snorkeled in the ocean for the first time. We saw numerous schools of fish, a bat ray and at least a dozen bright orange Garibaldi among the swaying sea grass. Susan had to play in the surf after all were out safely. Her best stunt was surfing in backwards and rolling under her boat.  Hey, we finished off the day at the Rock Bottom Brewery!


The kayaking- campout at Refugio on Sept 21-23 brought out 14 different GLS members than the previous weekend.  Many experienced kayaking for the first time. Others brought their own kayaks, and everyone helped in the lessons.  How to paddle to time the waves coming and going from the beach...and aspects of longer kayak touring was discussed. Davin volunteered to be the first to tip a kayak and demonstrate the fine techniques of deep-water re-entry. On Sunday, Susan, Diane and Julie did a 10-mile speedy jaunt along the coast while some others went kayak fishing or hiking along the cliffs or simply enjoyed a few rays.