Minutes of the July 16th Management Committee Meeting

Present: Eric Sas, Mike Brostoff, and Rick Mitchell

Meeting convened at 7:30 pm and the following items were discussed:

Review of the Minutes from 5/14/02 were read and approved.


Christopher Street West : Discussion of the outreach event at Christopher Street West in

June focused on the poor location that hampered the goal of attracting new members as only

about 10 people joined. This contrasted markedly from Long Beach Pride in May with

nearly 30 new members joining. It was felt that next year we should try to get our money in

earlier to reserve a better spot.


Membership Report: Mike reported that we have about 312 active members, with 64 new

members since February 2002. We are currently mailing out about 46 complimentary copies

of TRACKS mostly for promotional purposes to other organizations and publications. However

to reduce the cost Mike has mailed out a re-subscribe request flyer insert with the most

recent mailing asking those who still wish to receive TRACKS send it back. This is hoped to

reduce the number of comp copies that are not read but just tossed.


TRACKS: Eric reported that soon TRACKS will have “First Class Postage” printed on the

corner which will eliminate the need for stamps. Eric will include a letter and envelope for

those who need to re-subscribe before their subscription runs out.


Phone Hotline: The committee members discussed the current viability and utility of the

phone hotline. It was decided that the hassle of keeping the message current and responding

to the few requests per month was not worth the overall cost and voted unanimously to end

it. In place of that we will publish phone numbers for someone to be reached at their home

number. Grace has already volunteered to take these calls. We will publish it in the Angeles

Chapter Schedule.


Outings Report: Will was not present to give a report but was contacted by Rick and asked

to provide a written report to be included. Will will remain as outings chair. New leaders

include Jerry and Jeff J.


Conservation Report: Tom is out of town so no report was given.


Committee Reports: Rick proposed that if the absence of a committee chairperson from the

Management Committee is planned, the committee chairperson should provide a written

report via email or fax prior to the meeting or ensure that copies are passed out at the

meeting. This was voted on and approved unanimously.