Minutes of March 13,2001

Management Committee Meeting

  • Plans for the Awards banquet were finalized, and implemented.

  • A long debate about the bulk mailing and the cost of publishing TRACKS was aired. The Board decided to return to mailing via First Class Mail and to defer the added cost of the postage and added cost of publishing the additional pages to which our newsletter has grown, by raising the subscription rate to $12.00; effective immediately.

  • The upcoming Pride festivals, both in Long Beach and CSW, were discussed and the Board voted to allocate funds to host a booth at both festivals.
  • Sierra Club logo items to be sold at the booths were discussed, and the facilitator of the booths, Tony Miller, has volunteered to acquire many free/or low cost items from the Sierra Club directly. These items will be sold at the booth, or given as incentives to people who sign up for Sierra Club membership. Will has volunteered to design GLS logo patches for sale at the booths.

  • We will need to revamp the photo boards that we use for display at the booth, and this will probably be done as a fun icebreaker at the April potluck.
  • Several articles about GLS were planned for the upcoming anniversary of the Sierra Club. Tony Miller will be calling GLS founders for the details and story of how GLS evolved.

  • Grace has revamped our hotline number and has volunteered to keep the message current and running reliably.

  • The 2002 GLS Nationwide Conference was discussed. The Conference is at an impasse and needs volunteers in order for this event to take place. Please call Will if you have any ideas, or time to volunteer for this event.

  • The Board discussed the continuing need to offer more urban and less-rigorous outings/events for those members who have asked for this. Great effort is being placed and will be placed on this in the future.

    Agenda for May 9, 2001 Management Committee Meeting

  • Finalization of plans for the upcoming booths at both Pride festivals will be discussed

  • Membership committee will give a report

  • GLS articles will be finalized for publication

  • Continued discussion on our membership drive

  • 2002 GLS nationwide Conference progress will be discussed

    Do you have an item you would like discussed? Contact Tony to add it to the agenda.

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