Minutes of November 14 , 2000 Management Committee Meeting

         The plans for the upcoming GLS Holiday party were finalized.

         Hundreds of GLS flyers were folded and stuffed into envelopes and mailed to various College Gala organizations, and Gay and Lesbian groups in the surrounding Los Angeles and Orange County area.

         A new GLS information telephone system was discussed.

         Will gave a report on the October leader's meeting and advised us of the truly exciting outings planned for 2001.

         Last year's incident in Joshua Tree was discussed, and the matter was finalized by the Angeles Chapter's safety committee

         We are still pursuing a trail to adopt, and final plans to coordinate our efforts in this area with the Angeles Chapter office were discussed

         Will and the Board discussed new logo items--Tony volunteered to sell them, and we are hoping to unveil them at the Holiday party.

         Murray formally stepped down from his Board duties--THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR IDEAS AND ASSISTANCE TO GLS.

         The Board is gearing up for the 2002 California GLS sponsored Sierra Club conference and initial money was appropriated .

         Change of venue for the Board meeting--in 2001, Eric has graciously volunteered his place to host the meetings.

Agenda for January 9, 2001 Management Committee Meeting

         The leader's awards banquet in February will be discussed

         Finalization of award recipients for the Feb. meeting will be made

         GLS's budget will be discussed and reviewed

         GLS's continuing role in the upcoming 2001 Nationwide GLS meeting will be discussed, including solicitation of funds from donations, grant writing jobs, and our budgetary committment to this event

         Discussion of the new GLS information phone line will take place with a decision on implementation likely

         Tracks costs and the success or failure of the new bulk mailing will bediscussed

         Membership numbers and basic GLS stats will be reviewed

         2001 innovations for GLS will be on the table


Do you have an item you would like discussed?

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