Tracks, is published every two months by the GLS Section of the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club. The 6 issues per year list every weekend event - not just the few listed in the Schedule. Anyone may subscribe to Tracks, however non-members who do subscribe are not allowed to vote in our elections.

The subscription to Tracks is twelve dollars ($12) a year payable to Gay & Lesbian Sierrans and sent to:

GLS Section, Sierra Club
P.O. Box 1300
South Pasadena, CA 91031-1300

Note: You may receive a one-time complimentary copy of Tracks by sending an e-mail to Grace Hengst with the name and address where the newsletter is to be sent.

Submitting Articles

We welcome all articles and letters pertaining to outdoor activities of interest to GLS members. Submissions, rants and raves should be sent to our Newsletter Editor, Eric Sas.

Please remember: all write-up must be sumbitted by the appropriate deadline.

(tree)Tracks Deadlines
Dec 1
Feb 1
Apr 1
Jun 1
Aug 1
Oct 1

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