Saturday, April 21st


The Gay & Lesbian Sierrans Section is not just a hiking group.  Any of us could go off hiking on our own if we wanted to.  We join the GLS because we want more than just a nature walk; we want to meet like-minded people and enjoy their company.  That’s not always easy when we’re struggling up a hill.  Not all of us look our best with windblown hair and sweat dripping from our brow. 


For those who would enjoy the chance to gather indoors, to talk without gasping, to share some tasty food, we have instituted the new monthly GLS Potluck Dinners.  Potluck dinners are a big success with both other Angeles Chapter sections and other GLS sections.  With your participation they will be a big success here too.


Our first dinner will be held Saturday, April 21 at Tony Miller’s place in Culver City.  Details are in the Outings section.  Bring a friend or your significant other.  If you’d like to attend, but Saturdays are bad for you, let Will or Eric know: we can change the night next time.

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