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    Hi Good People

    I hope the holidays went well for all of you and that you are still pursuing your New Years Resolutions. Two of my Resolutions are to go on some Outings and to lead more Urban adventures. You will see evidence of the new me in the near future!

    Our last Board meeting was wonderfully lively, and we wrapped up the session feeling like we had done good for GLS. I hope to see more of you at the next Board meeting so that you may add your input and ideas to the planning process for GLS's future. Your Board only meets, formally, 6 times a year, so please make a note to attend one of your future Board meetings. I promise you good company, appreciation of your input, good food and an all-around good time.

    Let me again start off with the Minutes from the last Board meeting:
  • Norma will continue to be the Webmaster for GLS. Please direct your input with regard to the GLS web page to Norma, with a copy to Will.
  • Grace will assume responsibility for the GLS Hotline. Route related inquiries/feedback to her.
  • Details regarding the upcoming Leader's Banquet/Planning meeting: budget (not to exceed $20 per person) and organization. Final wrap-up meeting scheduled for 2/15.
  • The Board requests member input (i.e., storage) with regard to the GLS archives.
  • GLS activities in recognition of Earth Da April 22nd (which just happens to be MY birthday...). Update in the May/June Tracks (out in April).
  • Redesign of the GLS logo...watch for the unveiling.
  • Conservation Chair Murray Aronson is seeking to increase GLS involvement in Sierra Club conservation activities. Individuals with input or inclined to action...contact Murrary or any Board member.
  • Member e-mail lists...submit your email for the latest outings and events. If you have an e-mail address, please send it to me or Will and we will create a master distribution list for GLS.
  • Happy 13th Anniversary to us! The GLS Anniversary potluck is tentatively scheduled for June 17th in the Manhattan Beach (preferably South of Marina Del Rey) area. Zap me a line or give me a ring if you have a group site (with picnic amenities) recommendation. See the May/June Tracks for specifics.
  • Grace has assumed responsibility for selling the GLS t-shirts. Snap up your vintage "t" while supplies last.
  • I'm spearheading PR efforts in conjuction with the Long Beach Pride Festival (5/20-21) and the Sunset Junction Street Fair (8/19-20). If you are interested in volunteering for either or both events, please let me know. (See, my New Year's resolution is being actuated!!).
  • I will host the next Board Meeting on March 14th (Directions in the Outings Section).

    March Board Meeting Agenda:
  • Anniversary party planning
  • Long Beach Pride Festival and Sunset Junction Street Fair activities.
  • Selecting a new GLS logo. Discussion of fundraising opportunities.
  • Earth Day events.
  • Participation in conservation events.
  • Outings, input & kudos from the Leader's Banquet/Planning Meeting.
  • GLS public relations - if you have expertise, we need you!
  • GLS Archives.

    This was long winded--thanks for your attention and we hope to see you at your next Board meeting.

    Your new and improved Chair,

    Tony Miller

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