Carrying Liquids

A great way to carry liquids (stove fuel, rye/rum or red wine) into the wilderness.

A couple of weeks before my trip I start to save those 500 ml or 600 ml plastic pop bottles. I rinse them out and dry them. (A couple of days on a dish rack works but I have never been too picky even with the ones I use for fuel and have had no problems). These bottles are ideal for any liquid you want to carry. They are light, cheap, food grade plastic, absolutely watertight and amazingly puncture resistant. I have tried to puncture one with the tip of a key and could not do it. When these are emptied they can be crushed and carried out, reused or perhaps burned. I usually just carry them out and reuse them.

Big Tip - If you are going to burn them make sure you take the cap off first.

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