Fire Starter V

what you need:

  • egg carton (the cardboard kind)
  • wax (from old candles, crayons, etc.)
  • coffee can
  • dryer lint (at least a couple loads accumulation)
  • aluminium foil

    Put the wax in the coffee can and melt it over medium to medium high heat on your stove (Caution- hot wax can cause severe burns, take the appropriate precautions!!!). As you are melting the wax you can then start stuffing the dryer lint into the egg carton. Put the egg carton on top of a piece of foil (this is to protect the surface of your countertop, or whatever you put it on). When the wax is done melting, pour it over the lint in the egg carton. Let it cool. When cooled, you can break off sections of the egg carton and use as fire starter.

    Sara Walhovd

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