On Makeshift Harnesses

The way we always did it was to tie a 1" webbing harness such that a water knot bight and an etrier knot bight formed two tie in loops by the waist. The you can leave the harness tied permanently , and simply tie in direct to the rope with your favorite knot. This is as convenient as many commercial harnessses.

1st Pattern

 \    /

About 12 feet of tape is formed into a loop as above. 0 is a water knot, O is an etrier knot. a is the waistband b goes thru the crotch and tie in is direct thru O,0, and b

It is best to sew a couple of tapes across the bum from the waistband to hold the leg straps up. It will be obvious where when you put it on. The harness can then be left tied indefinitely.

2nd Pattern

Takes about ten feet of tape. Form two leg loops (twisted twice or three times at b and d) and two water knots at a and e as below.

a           b   c    d            e
       /\       /\
      /  \     /  \
      \  /     \  /
      \/       \/

Step into the leg loops with c IN FRONT. Now wind a and e round the back, across the bum and to the front again. Tie in directly between a, e, and c. Don't forget c!

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