Sugarloaf Mountain

15 November 1964

By: Frank McDaniel

Leaders: Les Reid and Frank McDaniel

And Still More Snow-Plow-Ers!

A hike to Sugarloaf Mtn. in the San Bernardino Range had been scheduled for Nov. 15. However, the week prior to the hike, as you recall, Sugarloaf did indeed receive a sugary-looking covering! It snowed - and snowed - and snowed. BUT - that did not daunt 35 hardy hikers who, like our postal carriers, did not allow rain nor sleet nor hail stay them from their appointed rounds - in this instance, a snow-covered peak. Les Reid and Frank McDaniel did a good job on the hike and it turned out to be a very enjoyable experience. Visibility was not too good, but perhaps some comfort can be gained from the fact that just for once it wasn't smog that blurred the view!

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