Cornell Peak, San Jacinto Peak, Folly Peak, Jean Peak, Marion Mountain

16-17 July 1966

By: Bob Schull

Leader: Bob Schull
Asst.: Frank McDaniel

Over thirty hikers gathered in Humber Park Saturday morning for a weekend of hiking, peak bagging and seeing some of the sights in San Jacinto Park. The morning was spent hiking to Long Valley via Willow Creek crossing, Hidden Lake and Desert View. At the tramway the group stopped to eat lunch, enjoy some liquid refreshment, and inspect the station while at the same time giving the tramway tourists a chance to inspect "real" hikers. After lunch the group continued on to Round Valley and set up camp before attacking Cornell Peak. Surprise visitors to our evening campfire provided harmonica and guitar music and prompted several hours of enjoyable singing of folk and camp songs. Sunday, almost everybody continued on to bag San Jacinto, Folly, Jean and Marion Peaks. Several people commented that the final climb up Cornell and Marion Peaks presented some interesting rock work. While not everyone made the tops, the oldest (over 60) and the youngest (8 years) members of the party seemed not to have any particular difficulty. Other than a few blisters and tired muscles everybody finished in good shape and were on the way home by 5:30. Frank McDaniel volunteered to act as assistant leader and did an excellent job after one of the leaders was unable to make the trip.

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