Lake Peak, Grinnell Mountain

18 September 1966

By: Frank McDaniel

Leader: Frank McDaniel

About 200 conservationists met at Poophill Hill parking lot on September 18, 1966, under threatening skies for this Sunday hike into the San Gorgonio Wilderness Area.

The abnormally large attendance proved to be the work of a short article in The September Sunset magazine, wherein their readers were reminded of a "controversial ski development" and urged them to see the area first-hand.

Everyone made the four mile hike to Dry Lake and enjoyed lunch while looking at the unbeatable view of a cloud-topped Mt. San Gorgonio across a brimful Dry Lake.

Probably more than half the hikers made the attempt on both peaks (Mt. Grinnel, 10,240', and Lake Peak, 10,156') and most of them made it. The view from Lake Peak was superb, with high (and dark) clouds swirling about the summit of Mt. San Gorgonio.

If there ever was any doubt in anyone's mind about San Gorgonio's beauty, wildness, remoteness, or worth in its wild state, this trip dispelled it. Most came away with firm resolve to help fight any commercialism for any reason.

The Angeles Chapter Conservation and Natural Science Groups were well represented and added to everyone's enjoyment of the area and knowledge of the threat of the "family winter sports development". Fully as important to the success of the outing was the support given by the Defenders of San Gorgonio and the Hundred Peaks group. The Defenders passed out information sheets and informal talks to the groups as the hike progressed. The Hundred Peakers supplied capable and knowledgeable leaders for several of the groups. Thanks to all!

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